Thursday, March 5, 2009

Senseless, how can people be so cruel.

Tonight we watched Bondi Vet and I was disgusted by the stupidity of some bloody person who decided to approach the gorgeous Jackie and undo her lead, which resulted in her running off and being hit by a car. Unfortunately the story doesn't get any better, the drop kick that hit her with the car didn't stop, leaving her for dead. Thankfully some good samaritans brought her into the clinic. However the poor thing was so badly injured that her owner decided to put her out of her pain and suffering.

That poor little puppy, she was only 14 months old, and her poor owner who had to say goodbye to his little companion. I can't fathom why the idiot undid the leash (it's on security footage) and took off with it. what purpose did it serve, what could they possibly have gained from it.

I hope the culprits are caught and brought before the court to pay for their callous, stupid and heartless behaviour.

R.I.P. Jackie, may you now be free of pain running in the daisy field in the clouds in the sky.

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  1. Wasn't it just so sad? Poor little girl. I hope someone saw the show and recognises the guy who removed the lead and/or knows something about the hit and run. :(