Saturday, March 28, 2009

Shopping Adventures continued, including photos from our op shop expedition

So as promised the above are some photos of the goodies we nabbed whilst op shopping earlier this week. I absolutely love hte shortalls and can't wait until next summer when I can put them on Miss Mackenzie, my little surfer girl, she is going to look so cute.
I also picked up a couple of things in Cotton On Kids yesterday for half price, score, especially as one of the items, a long sleeve tartan dress, we had only been looking at the other week and had almost bought it for full price, so was stoked to find it much cheaper. Think Miss mackenzie might wear it for her birthday, will depend on weather and if I find a nice pair of black leggings, I know Taleisha has a couple, maybe she can wear hers???
I managed to find a mirror for Mackenzie's cot yesterday as well, it took three stores to find one though and the third on ehad two styles, one was a little more high tech in the sense it had rattles and stuff on it and the other had tags, took them to the price check, high tech one 40 odd, tag one 15 dollars, well thankyou very much I'll grab the 15 dollar one. Mackenzie quite liked it, I placed her in her cot yesterday afternoon for a play, although she did have it pulled off in a matter of seconds, I've fixed that little issue now though.
We joined the local toy library, not really shopping but it enables to get us something new for the girls to play with every couple of weeks. It wasn't what I would call cheap at $80, but that is for a yearly membership to the local community centre and we can now access any service there, not just the toy library, can you hear me justifying the cost with this one. I do think we'll get our money's worth in no time. At the moment we have a shopping centre toy (it has a big till, cash register, groceries, money, credit card, shopping trolley and cash register, also piece of piss to put together), a leap star computer console thingie for the tv, yet to assemble that one, might do it in a second and a set of wooden puzzles. Thinking that just before Mackenzie's birthday we'll go in and hire a a few extra bikes, or maybe even a seasaw for the kids to play with outside. A few extras might save some arguments.
I also bought some new clothes for me off a friend online, not too sure how they'll fit but they cost next to nix, were in good condition and well it did feel good buying something for me for a change. I've of course also bought some things for the girls online from friends. got Taleisha a gorgeous OshKosh skirt and Mackenzie some new nappies, still waiting for Mr Aust Post to deliver those.
We also finally bit the bullet and got around to getting Andrew a bike, it is however on layby, we also got a trailer thingamajig to tow the girls behind us with and helmets for the three of them. My bike needs some repair, probably just some new inner tubes, but it does need some serious dewebbing first!!! Looking forward to the day we can all go on a bike ride together!!!
I think that is about it for shopping at the moment. I think I've really turned a corner with my impulse shopping (not that this post probably sounds like it) as I'm no longer abusing my credit card and I have returned to using good old layby to purchase items, I figure by doing this I'm really only getting the things that we really want and need and a true impulse grab usually goes back on the shelf.

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