Thursday, April 30, 2009


Some mini developmental Milestones for Miss Mackenzie this week. *insert happy dance here*

On Monday evening, Andrew and I were watching the box with Miss Mackenzie happily rolling all over the liing room floor, when I looked up and saw her sitting. Checked to see if Andrew had sat her up and he hadn't. No idea if she sat up from her front or back, or how she did it. Haven't seen her do it again yet either.

Yesterday she was up on all fours a number of times, really pushing up and leaning back on her knees, mega yes, as this is one position she hated in physio, so so happy she is doing it herself and happily. She's also pushing herself backwards in this position to, so that's a start in the right direction.

Whilst sitting on me she also pushed to standing, big yay, no real control with her legs and she's showing no other signs of wanting to pull to stand, but it seems as if things are starting to gel with her.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Party Preps

I have just realised that Mackenzie's birthday party/dedication ceremony is this weekend, OMG how on Earth did that creep up so quickly. I have so much to do and so little time to do it now.

I've decided on the cake, I'm making the moon from the WW birthday cook book, it looks easier enough to do. The cake will be two layers of banana cake with cream cheese (maybe) in the middle and then cream cheese icing. I was almost semi organised and had both layers cooked, however Taleisha decided to be a little helper the other day and half way through the one hour cooking time I could smell an over done starting to burn smell coming from the oven. Went and checked and the cake was a dark golden brown on top with black crusty bits on the side, check the oven and my dear child had twisted the knob to max heat, gee thanks, dear child. So still have to remake that layer.

I had also planned on making some cup cakes, I've got some fabbo cup cake stands I want to use but don't know if I can be arsed making the cup cakes now. Other things on the menu I need to make is some jelly cups with diced pear, some beef salsa sausage rolls, satay chicken kebabs, salads, maybe some curried eggs and I have no idea what else.

I have a meeting with the Pastor tomorrow afternoon to nut out the plan of attack for the dedication ceremony on Sunday, nothing like leaving it until the last minute, but like myself the day has just snuck up on us both. Shouldn't take too long to go over it tomorrow, well I can't imagine it would anyway.

Have bought some card to make a memory board to put on the wall, printed off some photos from the last 12 months to put on it, I just need to get crafty and put it all together, waiting for inspiration to hit on that one, and for the girls to go to bed. I also need to put the decorations up and blow some balloons up.

Also need to get the house sorted for our guests, bah yeah right, like Mum, Peter and the kids are guests. Thankfully I get a bit of energy last week and rearranged the house and have turned the old playroom into a guest/spare room / study so that has a double bed in it now. The front lounge as been turned into a playroom and a double futon is in there, and the good lounges are now in the living room, where I quite comfortably sit. So bed space is all sorted, just need to clean the place.

Another thing I need to check is Mackenzie's christening gown, I don't think it's been taken out of the box since we used it for Taleisha's christening, so might need some airing and decreasing. Hoping the weather is cool as well as the outfit I've picked for her party is definitely coolish autumn/ winter attire. Will be back to the drawing board if the weather is like it is today. Guess I better get a backup plan outfit out of the wardrobe :)

Also need to get hubby out into the backyard and trim the jungle that is our lawn, so the kids can can play outside without fear of getting lost in the lawn.

A trip to the toy library is in store too, want to get a few ride on toys for the back yard, the kids can all race around on them and hopefully will keep them occupied for a while. Well all kids except Mackenzie my little non mover :) She is getting there but that is another post all together.

Thankfully I have an extra week before I need to worry about wrapping her birthday presents. Which given I've been a super organised eager beaver on that front, have had in our wardrobe for ages. Actually I think I almost have Christmas organised :) Jealous much!!!

Now I really think the first thing I need to do is write a list!!!

photo from flickr

Friday, April 24, 2009

Kat's Cookin

I've been keeping a blog for all the recipes we have tried or want to try in the near future, so they are all in one place and not other little scraps of paper all over the house or lost in cyber space. I can never seem to find them again when I go trawling back through the pages, so thought my own cooking blog would be the perfect solution and it is working fantastic so far.

Just today I uploaded a couple of new recipes from JB that I will definitely be trying, actually I cooked the Raspberry and Coconut loaf and it is to die for, so scrumptious, yummy yummy :)

This is the link to my blog

Monday, April 20, 2009

Introducing Emma...

On the weekend I finished the doll I was making Taleisha, so without further ado we are introducing Emma.
I used this pattern and it was super easy, although I would fatten the arms and legs and shorten the arms if I use this pattern again, Emma is definitely a skinny minny.

I think a certain little girl was very happy with her new dolly :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

What daddy does...

Last weekend the girls and I hopped on the train and made a surprise visit to Daddy at his work. He is a nurse at the Princess Margaret Hospital here in Perth and has been saying how awesome the Starlight room is and that the girls should come and have a look so that is exactly what we did.

He was definitely surprised when we rocked up on his ward, pleasantly I do believe, as he proceeded to show off his girls. He then gae us a tour around the Starlight area which is exactly as he described, just amazing. There was a craft/games room which had Wii, Xbox360 and Playstation 3 all set up with games, computer games, board games, painting and other crafty activities. There is a room especially for the adolescent kids which we didn't get to see but is apparently just too cool for words. There is a theatre where they put on movies or tv programs, this Sunday and Monday they're putting on the so you think you can dance finale. There is a radio station, a toddler room with lots of toys a huge outdoor area with a half court basketball court and lots of ride on and climb on toys. Taleisha had a ball and we hung around in the craft room after we had lunch together down in the cafe whilst we waited for daddy to finish work. So Taleisha painted to her hearts content, made easter eggs, bunny ears and lots and lots of bright coloured paintings. She did't want to leave.

Today Andrew was telling me that Taleisha was talking to him about him having to go to work, and when Andrew asked Taleisha why he needed to go to work, she said he had to paint. How cute, might need to tell her that that isn't all her daddy does at work, although I'm sure if he could find an excuse to be on the computer games and getting paid for it, he would :) So yes apparently Andrew's job is to paint :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

What to wear?

The girls and I are going to a wedding next Sunday and I have no idea what to wear? Actually I more importantly probably don't even have anything nice to wear given I'm still in between figures at the moment, no longer maternity and sure as hell no where near pre pregnancy.

So do I co-ordinate our outfits so we look nice in any possible photos? or do I scanvenge and hope to god I can find something, nice, weddingish and acceptable weather wise for the three of us? Oh and if you're wondering why it's only the three of us, Andrew has to work, someone needs to bring in the money :)

I really think I'll be struggling to find a co-ordinating outfit for the three of us without buying anything new, no money so no new outfits, so what am I thinking.

For me - I have some nice brown slacks and a dark blue/purple top with a nice decorative neck line. It's comfortable, easier enought to have easy access to boobies for feeding and I don't feel completely frumpy or overdressed.

For Mackenzie - I have a dress that Taleisha wore to a wedding when she was about the same age, it is pink and brown floral thing, hard to explain but it is quite pretty, we also have a little cream knitted jacket to go with it if it is coolish. It would look quite nice with what I'd be wearing but no idea if it would fit Mackenize, she is a tad smaller than what her sister was at this age (ie still fitting easily in 00).

For Taleisha - no idea, she has heaps of dresses, but minimal jackets that are nice enough, most are glarish hot pink, her favourite colour and one good reason not to let your three year old help with choosing her own clothes :) She has one dress that I quite like, a vintage looking cream floral number but I think it would look pretty silly with a cardigan even if she had one that would go with it.

I guess I should really go try that dress on Miss M, otherwise I am back to the drawing board with her. Oh why are these things so hard, lol.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Physio, is it worth it?

I am starting to doubt our physio, Mackenzie hates every minute of it and I hate seeing her like that. Even when we do the exercisers at home, she gets extremely vocal. It can be simply placing her on her knees, and she chucks it. It's so mentally draining. I'm worried that there might be something physically wrong and it's hurting her, but nobody seems to be thinking that. I just don't know what's going on.

We've got another appointment next Monday, I just don't know whether I can put her through much more of it. In all honesty the exercises or positions aren't anything extreme, it's merely putting her in positions, such as on her knees, all fours, on my lap with her knees and feet square so she will place weight on them when she bends down. I'm supporting her in these positions but she still hates it. When we're at the physio she's really placid, just lays there, it's almost a passive aggressive standoff.

I'm thinking do I just leave it be and let nature takes it's course, it's not like she's going to be 18 and still rolling around everywhere, well except for when she rolls out of the pub drunk, that's bound to happen at least once. I'm just worried for her and would hope that by attending these physio appointments, if there is an issue it can be picked up early. It's just so hard.

uhoh, someone has been to Spotlight!!!

I've been a shopping, material shopping that is. I've got so many ideas in my head that I needed to go and get the material so I could bring them to fruition.

The red yarn on top will form part of my Rag Doll's hair that I will be making Taleisha, it will also be using the canvas on the bottom, and the striped canvas and floral pattern canvas above the blue and white floral material. She is going to be one bright doll but I think she is going to look super cute. Taleisha picked out her body (dress) which was the bright blue floral, it's also got ladybirds and bugs on it. I also bought some fill to cushion her up but will be using my material scraps first. This is the tutorial I'll be using - Simple Rag Doll

The three fabrics above the plain canvas I plan on making into skirts for me!!! Very excited about this, I've never made anything for myself before, always the girls. The skirts I plan on making are the 5 minute skirt and the two hour peasant skirt. They seem simple enough for a novice like me and I'm loving the fabric colours.

The striped fleece on top is for a pair of tracksuit pants for one of the girls or both, will depend on how much fabric one pair needs. No pattern for that one, am going to try and draw one up from a pair the girls already have.

On top of that I finally got around to washing the material for Mackenzie's reversible dress and cut the pattern, from my last visit. Just waiting for the material dry and then I'll give that one a go.

I've cut all the bits for the doll up, so I'll whip that up whilst the girls are in bed. can't wait feeling all inspired.

I did also go to the shop with the intention to buy some material to make this Mei Tai with but came out a bit confused with what I needed to get, so next time I go I'll be only shopping for the Mei Tai, hopefully a little more clued up with what fabric to get. Might have to enlist a not so novice sewer helper on that occasion to. I also plan to make this mini Mei Tai but figured I should be able to make do with the fabric I already have lying around for that one.

Busy times ahead for me and my sewing machine :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

My Easter Treats

Given my recent domestification, I made some yummy Easter Cupcakes. My intention was to make then from scratch, I had the perfect chocolate cake recipe and everything, however as time drew closer and my motivation waned, aquick check in the pantry and I locate a lonesome cheap box, that's right a packet chocolate cake mix was sitting in there waiting for me, just wanting to be baked, so could resist, not me that's for sure. I promise next time I won't cheat :)
So here are my Easter Cupcakes. Simple Chocolate Cake mix, with chocolate icing and speckled milk chocolate eggs on top. They tasted really good, and I'm sad to admit are almost all gone, I think we have one left.

And here a very happy little cake tester, she loved them, talk about chocolate overload!!!

And here is my Easter egg that I had on Sunday Morning for breakfast, yes it was one of our hand dyed eggs, I was quite impressed with my green veined easter egg, it was very funky.

Recycling, my way

I bought my brother his present for his birthday but forgot (well didn't actually think about it) to buy the wrapping paper.

So what do I do?

Do I run back to shop and buy some over priced paper that will end up in the bin anyway? No.

What did I do, I hear you ask, well I raided the recycling pile, our local junk mail run was the day before and we had a pile of the stuff, instant wrapping paper, thanks to Woolworths and Target.

Nice and stylish :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Crafts

Today Taleisha and I put on our crafty hats and set about making some presents for family members.

Firstly we made some hand dyed Easter Eggs. We used hard boiled eggs, far less delicate when you're working with a toddler. So what we did, boiled the eggs (mummy's job), let the eggs cool, decorated with crayon and rubber bands, then placed into a bowl with food dye, vinegar and hot water and let sit until eggs were at desired shade. We did have a bit of trial and error with that one, yellow was a waste of time, they looked normal. Quite happy how they turned out, especially considering it was our first ever attempt. Looking forward to eating them for breakfast, apparently the food dye soaks through, so the insides can be quite psychedelic.

Then we needed to make a basket for the eggs to sit in, a quick google search and I came across this webpage, simple instructions and although our basket looks nothing like her gorgeous creations, given a certain 3 year old was left in charge of the artistry, I think it looks great :) (psst mummy may have helped, I do notice some of my doodling in the corner whilst she was going sticker and stamp crazy did make it ;) )

And I think Taleisha does too, she was so pleased with the finished product. She was trying to fit all the eggs in the one basket, I was so sure the poor handle was going to collapse under the weight. Here is my little crafting assistant modelling her finished creation.

If you're looking for an easy afternoon activity with the kids and you can handle a bit of mess then I definitely recommend you give these a go, and if you do make sure you have an old sheet, towel or in our case tablecloth underneath, as there is likely to be spillage.

Happy Easter

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What happened to choice?

I swore to myself that I wasn't going to weigh into this debate. The arguement for and against homebirth has been raging everywhere. It's all over the internet, tv and radio. Here are a few links to a couple of current articles out there.

Mamamia blog - homebirth in the news
ABC News - mothers defend right to home birth
The Daily Telegraph - four dead in home births
There is people with strong opinions on both sides , people are throwing facts and statistics left right and centre. You would have to be a brain fried zombie if you didn't believe that these facts are been construed to suit each others agendas. Seriously this is the media, it happens everyday, especially with such an emotive topic, sensationalised journalism is going to be rife.

Additionally when I read these news stories there appears to be a clumping of free birth and home birth in the same bracket. Yes they both happen in the home environment, but there is one big glaring difference, the later as a qualified, independent midwife present, who has the medical knowledge and experties to deliver babies, and usually there is a backup midwife who will be there to check the baby when it is delivered. Free birth is done in most cases on your own with no medical support, see one massive big glaring difference.

Now my opinion on this is simply pro-choice, I believe a woman has the right to birth her baby any way she damn well feels. Heck if she wants to dance the cha cha whilst pushing out her baby on top of Uluru, then by all means go for it. That birth wouldn't be for me but that's the point, just because something isn't for you, doesn't make it wrong. It is her birth and she shouldn't have to justify her reasons for choosing to birth one way or another, to anyone.

I don't consider myself an extreme leftie, more leaning as far on the fence as I can go, so I guess I would consider myself moderately mainstream. My girls are both breast fed, extended breast fed, tandem even. Both girls have worn cloth nappies and we've co-slept with both girls. I haven't birthed at home, although I would be seriously considering it if and when baby number 3 comes along. Both girls were born in hospital, a private one at that and I had one via c-section. I am not disenchanted by my birth experience, I am peace with how my girls entered the world but understand that not everyone feels this way. I consider myself strangely normal, whateer that is but given I'm considering homebirth does that make me a zealot, a fanatic, a hippie?

I really think the core issue, the unspoken issue, comes down to money, shock horror. With home birth becoming more main stream, an actual plausible option, no longer been made to feel like a hippie or an out cast for choosing such a birth, more and more women would leave the hospital system, choosing the comfort of their own home to give birth, taking their money and possibly funding with them. This may sound like a far fetched possibility to some but I know of at least 6 people in the past 12 months that have had successful homebirths and I know of 1 that is considering to free birth. If every one knows that many people then that is alot of money going elsewhere and out of the hospital and medicos coffers.

So to combat this loss of money, what does the medical assosication do, they deflame homebirth in the media, use scare tatics, pull the dead baby card, bring the masses back into the system anyway thet possibly can. Why do you think the coverage has been so one-sided, why else are they interviewing known anti-homebirth doctors and not independent midwives, who practice this care everyday and might actually have some knowledge on the subject.

It really does beggar belief, home birth is safe, contrary to the trash that is circulating at the moment, why does there need to be a debate at all, why can't people just accept that we are all entitled to make our own choices about our own bodies and how we see fit do deliver our babies, without the need to explain ourselves to others. If it is ok for you to have a c-section without anyone batting an eyelid, which is major surgery which could result in death, then why is it different for someone choosing homebirth, answer me that?

Without fail

I have this uncanny knack, it doesn't matter how long ago I misplaced/lossed an item, when I come to replace the item, either that day or within a couple I find the bloody thing. Well yesterday was no different.

Taleisha has this yellow lifeguard rashie which is my all time favourite we bought it when we were on holidays in Queensland last year. Well I went to put it on her for swimming lessons yesterday and I couldn't find it, I searched her bather's draw and towel cupboard inside and out and it was nowhere to be seen. I then checked her wardrobe and all her other draws and the rashie was still missing in action. Feeling very depleted and annoyed that we'd lost it I grabbed another pair out of it. Checked at the pool to see if it had been handed in, knowing full well if we lost it at the pool it was likely gone for good.

Andrew said if I could find it online I could grab another one, so I had a search and found that Between the Flags as an online store, yipee!!! Knowing my little skill we decided to buy the next size up being a size 4, figured there was no point having two rash vests the same size. So order placed. All happy again.

Fast forward to last night, I hear Taleisha whimpering and crying out in her sleep, head down towards her room and can immediately smell spew, gross, so turn her light on and she's covered in it, carry her down to our room and place her in the shower to clean her up and then return to inspect the damage, it was worse than I thought, the spew had soaked through to the mattress and I notice splash on the walls, so pull the bed away from the wall, so I can clean down the sides. Things then just ge gradually worse, it has gone everywhere. Taleisha's bed as shelves on the end and cupboards in middle underneath the mattress, the spew had gone into one of the cupboards, whilst removing some of the items covered in spew, I notice a bright yellow rash vest stuck between the backing and shelf, voila, there is the missing vest. There would have been no way I would have found it with were it had lodged itself, if it wasn't for Taleisha's mountain of strawberry milk spew, so a blessing in stinky disguise.

Sometimes I wish I could just find the item before I go to the bloody trouble of replacing the damn thing. Would make life so much easier and my bank balance so much kinder.

And oh Taleisha is ok, think it may have just been an upset stomach, she ended up sleeping with us, if you can call it that, she was up from 2am - 5am and then we were all up at 6.30am with Mackenzie, so two very tired girls in this house today, Mackenzie is the only one that got a good nights sleep.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Orgasmic birth...

Sign me up for one of these...

I remember in a program we attended prior to Miss M's birth they discussed orgasmic birth and we watched a you-tube video depicting just that and it was so empowering. Now Miss M's birth wasn't what I would describe as orgasmic but I can only dream that one day that ripping sensation is in fact a big fat O as the baby crowns. Now wouldn't that be amazing.

This is the link to the video, can't quite work out how to upload from you-tube.


Came across this link today, and thought it was extremely interesting and had to share.

It is world statistics updated in real time, well that's the blurb, definitely an eye opener, take a lookfor yourselves.