Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Crafts

Today Taleisha and I put on our crafty hats and set about making some presents for family members.

Firstly we made some hand dyed Easter Eggs. We used hard boiled eggs, far less delicate when you're working with a toddler. So what we did, boiled the eggs (mummy's job), let the eggs cool, decorated with crayon and rubber bands, then placed into a bowl with food dye, vinegar and hot water and let sit until eggs were at desired shade. We did have a bit of trial and error with that one, yellow was a waste of time, they looked normal. Quite happy how they turned out, especially considering it was our first ever attempt. Looking forward to eating them for breakfast, apparently the food dye soaks through, so the insides can be quite psychedelic.

Then we needed to make a basket for the eggs to sit in, a quick google search and I came across this webpage, simple instructions and although our basket looks nothing like her gorgeous creations, given a certain 3 year old was left in charge of the artistry, I think it looks great :) (psst mummy may have helped, I do notice some of my doodling in the corner whilst she was going sticker and stamp crazy did make it ;) )

And I think Taleisha does too, she was so pleased with the finished product. She was trying to fit all the eggs in the one basket, I was so sure the poor handle was going to collapse under the weight. Here is my little crafting assistant modelling her finished creation.

If you're looking for an easy afternoon activity with the kids and you can handle a bit of mess then I definitely recommend you give these a go, and if you do make sure you have an old sheet, towel or in our case tablecloth underneath, as there is likely to be spillage.


  1. Doesn't she look happy with her efforts!

    Beautiful. x

  2. Oh I want to do eggs! But I only have 1 left!

    What colours were the eggs inside???

  3. green veined, very funky!!