Monday, April 13, 2009

My Easter Treats

Given my recent domestification, I made some yummy Easter Cupcakes. My intention was to make then from scratch, I had the perfect chocolate cake recipe and everything, however as time drew closer and my motivation waned, aquick check in the pantry and I locate a lonesome cheap box, that's right a packet chocolate cake mix was sitting in there waiting for me, just wanting to be baked, so could resist, not me that's for sure. I promise next time I won't cheat :)
So here are my Easter Cupcakes. Simple Chocolate Cake mix, with chocolate icing and speckled milk chocolate eggs on top. They tasted really good, and I'm sad to admit are almost all gone, I think we have one left.

And here a very happy little cake tester, she loved them, talk about chocolate overload!!!

And here is my Easter egg that I had on Sunday Morning for breakfast, yes it was one of our hand dyed eggs, I was quite impressed with my green veined easter egg, it was very funky.

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