Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Party Preps

I have just realised that Mackenzie's birthday party/dedication ceremony is this weekend, OMG how on Earth did that creep up so quickly. I have so much to do and so little time to do it now.

I've decided on the cake, I'm making the moon from the WW birthday cook book, it looks easier enough to do. The cake will be two layers of banana cake with cream cheese (maybe) in the middle and then cream cheese icing. I was almost semi organised and had both layers cooked, however Taleisha decided to be a little helper the other day and half way through the one hour cooking time I could smell an over done starting to burn smell coming from the oven. Went and checked and the cake was a dark golden brown on top with black crusty bits on the side, check the oven and my dear child had twisted the knob to max heat, gee thanks, dear child. So still have to remake that layer.

I had also planned on making some cup cakes, I've got some fabbo cup cake stands I want to use but don't know if I can be arsed making the cup cakes now. Other things on the menu I need to make is some jelly cups with diced pear, some beef salsa sausage rolls, satay chicken kebabs, salads, maybe some curried eggs and I have no idea what else.

I have a meeting with the Pastor tomorrow afternoon to nut out the plan of attack for the dedication ceremony on Sunday, nothing like leaving it until the last minute, but like myself the day has just snuck up on us both. Shouldn't take too long to go over it tomorrow, well I can't imagine it would anyway.

Have bought some card to make a memory board to put on the wall, printed off some photos from the last 12 months to put on it, I just need to get crafty and put it all together, waiting for inspiration to hit on that one, and for the girls to go to bed. I also need to put the decorations up and blow some balloons up.

Also need to get the house sorted for our guests, bah yeah right, like Mum, Peter and the kids are guests. Thankfully I get a bit of energy last week and rearranged the house and have turned the old playroom into a guest/spare room / study so that has a double bed in it now. The front lounge as been turned into a playroom and a double futon is in there, and the good lounges are now in the living room, where I quite comfortably sit. So bed space is all sorted, just need to clean the place.

Another thing I need to check is Mackenzie's christening gown, I don't think it's been taken out of the box since we used it for Taleisha's christening, so might need some airing and decreasing. Hoping the weather is cool as well as the outfit I've picked for her party is definitely coolish autumn/ winter attire. Will be back to the drawing board if the weather is like it is today. Guess I better get a backup plan outfit out of the wardrobe :)

Also need to get hubby out into the backyard and trim the jungle that is our lawn, so the kids can can play outside without fear of getting lost in the lawn.

A trip to the toy library is in store too, want to get a few ride on toys for the back yard, the kids can all race around on them and hopefully will keep them occupied for a while. Well all kids except Mackenzie my little non mover :) She is getting there but that is another post all together.

Thankfully I have an extra week before I need to worry about wrapping her birthday presents. Which given I've been a super organised eager beaver on that front, have had in our wardrobe for ages. Actually I think I almost have Christmas organised :) Jealous much!!!

Now I really think the first thing I need to do is write a list!!!

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  1. Man, that's a list and a half! It's going to be great!