Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Physio, is it worth it?

I am starting to doubt our physio, Mackenzie hates every minute of it and I hate seeing her like that. Even when we do the exercisers at home, she gets extremely vocal. It can be simply placing her on her knees, and she chucks it. It's so mentally draining. I'm worried that there might be something physically wrong and it's hurting her, but nobody seems to be thinking that. I just don't know what's going on.

We've got another appointment next Monday, I just don't know whether I can put her through much more of it. In all honesty the exercises or positions aren't anything extreme, it's merely putting her in positions, such as on her knees, all fours, on my lap with her knees and feet square so she will place weight on them when she bends down. I'm supporting her in these positions but she still hates it. When we're at the physio she's really placid, just lays there, it's almost a passive aggressive standoff.

I'm thinking do I just leave it be and let nature takes it's course, it's not like she's going to be 18 and still rolling around everywhere, well except for when she rolls out of the pub drunk, that's bound to happen at least once. I'm just worried for her and would hope that by attending these physio appointments, if there is an issue it can be picked up early. It's just so hard.


  1. Oh geez I don't know! It must be horrible to see her so upset and feel like you're 'inflicting it' IYKWIM.. what are the options/issues if she gives it up I suppose you need to weigh up I suppose ... xxx

  2. Kat I guess you need to weigh up where you are at and where you think you will be at at the end of it. If she isn't enjoying it and it is a fight then maybe it is worth holding off for a little longer and see where you are at in say 1 or 2 months time.

    Remember that all babes are different and they do things at a different pace.