Monday, June 1, 2009

Proud Lactivist

Back in April I was part of a protest in response to Colin Barnett's comments that there was no need to change anti-discrimination laws to protect breastfeeding mother's and their right to feed their baby. It was such a great experience and something I felt really strong about, we shouldn't be made to go sit in a dark dank corner so Mr and Mrs snooty nose does not see a tiny bit of flesh whilst we give our babies the nourishment they need. I'm of the view if they feel so opposed to it, then they should go sit in that dark and dank corner so they can't see it.

There were a couple of articles written about our recent efforts, to raise public awareness and a change in the legislation, for which myself and my boobs frequented quite a lot, actually in one article I am in every photo in one way or another, felt very chuffed with that little effort :) Here are the links to the articles.
Bid to protect breastfeeding mum's

Protest article

I am so proud of my breast feeding relationship with both my girls, Taleisha breast fed daily up until she was 2 and a half, and now as the occassional comfort feed, I am saddened that when people ask how long Taleisha breast fed for that I am often embarrassed to admit that she is still feeding, afraid if what the other persons reaction might be, even though I am comfortable with our decision not to deny her if she asked for it, as well as being well aware of the World Health Organisations standards and statistics. However I don't think I have the courage in me to willing welcome the public onslaught if I was to publicly breast feed her, I don't think I'm big enough to handle that.

Mackenzie is still feeding also and she is definitely a boobie junkie. Although she is a much rougher feeder compared to her big sister, I have the scratch marks on my breasts to prove it, I'm still very content with our feeding relationship as is she, she is definitely showing no sign of wanting to give up her boobie. I'm also still quite comfortable feeding her in public and am getting quite crafty at how I do this, I have recently mastered breast feeding her in our Ergo carrier and am quite chuffed at this, it's not an easy feat with breasts as big as mine.

With Mackenzie now one and feeding a lot more than Taleisha did at this age, I'm wondering at what age did I transition from being comfortable to feed in public to no longer feeling comfortable? I really don't want to reach that stage and although I have a close circle of understanding friends who wouldn't bat an eyelid at me feeding Taleisha, I know it's not something I'd do outside the confines of our home.

For now I feel the need to rejoice in my freedom to feed Mackenzie whenever and whereever she wants and having the courage and confidence to do so and knowing that she is getting the best possible nourishment that nature intended.


  1. Love what you have written Kat and you know what, I envy you that you still breastfeed Taleisha. And nope I wouldn't even bat an eyelid if you fed her in front of me.

    Jye is 6 months and this has been the longest I have breastfed any of my children. Sad huh? And the only reason I have made it so far is the fact that I have you beautiful women around me for support - something I didn't have with any of my older children.

  2. Great post Kat. It's so sad that you have to feel uncomfortable feeding your oldest child in public. I wish women were able to feed their children however they want at any age without having to face condemnation or ridicule. I don't have children yet but I hope I have the confidence and ability to breastfeed as long as they's the best nourishment they are ever gonna get so why deny them because of social conventions.

  3. How old is the older one? Just out of curiosity. Doesn't breastfeeding past a certain age maybe lead to a lack of individual development of independence and whatnot?

    As a feminist I think it's ridiculous people can't deal with a bit of mother-boob when they can deal with plenty of celebrity-boob or pornstar-boob. I wholeheartedly agree with your protesting and if I was in the same boat I would have as well. I understand modesty, but I also understand natural procedures and the circle of life and all that.

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