Tuesday, April 14, 2009

uhoh, someone has been to Spotlight!!!

I've been a shopping, material shopping that is. I've got so many ideas in my head that I needed to go and get the material so I could bring them to fruition.

The red yarn on top will form part of my Rag Doll's hair that I will be making Taleisha, it will also be using the canvas on the bottom, and the striped canvas and floral pattern canvas above the blue and white floral material. She is going to be one bright doll but I think she is going to look super cute. Taleisha picked out her body (dress) which was the bright blue floral, it's also got ladybirds and bugs on it. I also bought some fill to cushion her up but will be using my material scraps first. This is the tutorial I'll be using - Simple Rag Doll

The three fabrics above the plain canvas I plan on making into skirts for me!!! Very excited about this, I've never made anything for myself before, always the girls. The skirts I plan on making are the 5 minute skirt and the two hour peasant skirt. They seem simple enough for a novice like me and I'm loving the fabric colours.

The striped fleece on top is for a pair of tracksuit pants for one of the girls or both, will depend on how much fabric one pair needs. No pattern for that one, am going to try and draw one up from a pair the girls already have.

On top of that I finally got around to washing the material for Mackenzie's reversible dress and cut the pattern, from my last visit. Just waiting for the material dry and then I'll give that one a go.

I've cut all the bits for the doll up, so I'll whip that up whilst the girls are in bed. can't wait feeling all inspired.

I did also go to the shop with the intention to buy some material to make this Mei Tai with but came out a bit confused with what I needed to get, so next time I go I'll be only shopping for the Mei Tai, hopefully a little more clued up with what fabric to get. Might have to enlist a not so novice sewer helper on that occasion to. I also plan to make this mini Mei Tai but figured I should be able to make do with the fabric I already have lying around for that one.

Busy times ahead for me and my sewing machine :)

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  1. Ohhh that blue printed fabric looks alot like a brown one I got and made a skirt for myself otu of! Can't wait to see what you come up with Kat