Sunday, April 19, 2009

What daddy does...

Last weekend the girls and I hopped on the train and made a surprise visit to Daddy at his work. He is a nurse at the Princess Margaret Hospital here in Perth and has been saying how awesome the Starlight room is and that the girls should come and have a look so that is exactly what we did.

He was definitely surprised when we rocked up on his ward, pleasantly I do believe, as he proceeded to show off his girls. He then gae us a tour around the Starlight area which is exactly as he described, just amazing. There was a craft/games room which had Wii, Xbox360 and Playstation 3 all set up with games, computer games, board games, painting and other crafty activities. There is a room especially for the adolescent kids which we didn't get to see but is apparently just too cool for words. There is a theatre where they put on movies or tv programs, this Sunday and Monday they're putting on the so you think you can dance finale. There is a radio station, a toddler room with lots of toys a huge outdoor area with a half court basketball court and lots of ride on and climb on toys. Taleisha had a ball and we hung around in the craft room after we had lunch together down in the cafe whilst we waited for daddy to finish work. So Taleisha painted to her hearts content, made easter eggs, bunny ears and lots and lots of bright coloured paintings. She did't want to leave.

Today Andrew was telling me that Taleisha was talking to him about him having to go to work, and when Andrew asked Taleisha why he needed to go to work, she said he had to paint. How cute, might need to tell her that that isn't all her daddy does at work, although I'm sure if he could find an excuse to be on the computer games and getting paid for it, he would :) So yes apparently Andrew's job is to paint :)

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