Friday, April 17, 2009

What to wear?

The girls and I are going to a wedding next Sunday and I have no idea what to wear? Actually I more importantly probably don't even have anything nice to wear given I'm still in between figures at the moment, no longer maternity and sure as hell no where near pre pregnancy.

So do I co-ordinate our outfits so we look nice in any possible photos? or do I scanvenge and hope to god I can find something, nice, weddingish and acceptable weather wise for the three of us? Oh and if you're wondering why it's only the three of us, Andrew has to work, someone needs to bring in the money :)

I really think I'll be struggling to find a co-ordinating outfit for the three of us without buying anything new, no money so no new outfits, so what am I thinking.

For me - I have some nice brown slacks and a dark blue/purple top with a nice decorative neck line. It's comfortable, easier enought to have easy access to boobies for feeding and I don't feel completely frumpy or overdressed.

For Mackenzie - I have a dress that Taleisha wore to a wedding when she was about the same age, it is pink and brown floral thing, hard to explain but it is quite pretty, we also have a little cream knitted jacket to go with it if it is coolish. It would look quite nice with what I'd be wearing but no idea if it would fit Mackenize, she is a tad smaller than what her sister was at this age (ie still fitting easily in 00).

For Taleisha - no idea, she has heaps of dresses, but minimal jackets that are nice enough, most are glarish hot pink, her favourite colour and one good reason not to let your three year old help with choosing her own clothes :) She has one dress that I quite like, a vintage looking cream floral number but I think it would look pretty silly with a cardigan even if she had one that would go with it.

I guess I should really go try that dress on Miss M, otherwise I am back to the drawing board with her. Oh why are these things so hard, lol.

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  1. I dunno. Might be worth investing in some plain white cotton cardigans for the girls and dressing them up with a rosette or something?

    And you ma'dear, deserve something new! Are you game to make yourself something?