Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Without fail

I have this uncanny knack, it doesn't matter how long ago I misplaced/lossed an item, when I come to replace the item, either that day or within a couple I find the bloody thing. Well yesterday was no different.

Taleisha has this yellow lifeguard rashie which is my all time favourite we bought it when we were on holidays in Queensland last year. Well I went to put it on her for swimming lessons yesterday and I couldn't find it, I searched her bather's draw and towel cupboard inside and out and it was nowhere to be seen. I then checked her wardrobe and all her other draws and the rashie was still missing in action. Feeling very depleted and annoyed that we'd lost it I grabbed another pair out of it. Checked at the pool to see if it had been handed in, knowing full well if we lost it at the pool it was likely gone for good.

Andrew said if I could find it online I could grab another one, so I had a search and found that Between the Flags as an online store, yipee!!! Knowing my little skill we decided to buy the next size up being a size 4, figured there was no point having two rash vests the same size. So order placed. All happy again.

Fast forward to last night, I hear Taleisha whimpering and crying out in her sleep, head down towards her room and can immediately smell spew, gross, so turn her light on and she's covered in it, carry her down to our room and place her in the shower to clean her up and then return to inspect the damage, it was worse than I thought, the spew had soaked through to the mattress and I notice splash on the walls, so pull the bed away from the wall, so I can clean down the sides. Things then just ge gradually worse, it has gone everywhere. Taleisha's bed as shelves on the end and cupboards in middle underneath the mattress, the spew had gone into one of the cupboards, whilst removing some of the items covered in spew, I notice a bright yellow rash vest stuck between the backing and shelf, voila, there is the missing vest. There would have been no way I would have found it with were it had lodged itself, if it wasn't for Taleisha's mountain of strawberry milk spew, so a blessing in stinky disguise.

Sometimes I wish I could just find the item before I go to the bloody trouble of replacing the damn thing. Would make life so much easier and my bank balance so much kinder.

And oh Taleisha is ok, think it may have just been an upset stomach, she ended up sleeping with us, if you can call it that, she was up from 2am - 5am and then we were all up at 6.30am with Mackenzie, so two very tired girls in this house today, Mackenzie is the only one that got a good nights sleep.

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  1. Poor bubby :( OMG Can't imagine the smell of that spew, well I can, but I'd rather now.

    Bloody island of lost things!