Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

There is nothing more peaceful then the image of your child sleeping. I have managed to catch some great sleeping moments with Taleisha recently.

She is such an active sleeper and has taken to sleeping with us again, which is more of a problem for her father than me, as she does like to spread herself out on his side of the bed, and never far behind is her baby.

Her bedtime routine has evolved and when we put her to bed, we read her a couple of stories and then the light is left on, and she then reads to her babies, this photo was taken last night, somebody was obviously a little bit tired. She did this a couple of weeks ago but with a far heavier book, so no photos that day.

and here she is catching flies on a drive home earlier this month. I don't know how that position can be the least bit comfortable but she stayed like that for ages.

I could watch her sleep all night, I just love the movements, the murmurrings and that peaceful aura that comes from a sleeping child, just wonderful.

It's a Smiley Face

Proud mummy moment, Taleisha drew her first identifiable picture.

If I could invent something...

it would be a washing machine that did everything, kind of like the thermomix (I'm in love :) ).

The washing machine would put the dirty clothes, nappies, sheets, towels (or whatever else needs washing), turn itself on, immediately know what cycle to use, would reuse the water by automatically sending it onto the gardens (so no wastage), would then hang the clothes out to dry and bring them back in when down, fold them and put them away.

Such a machine would be the end to what I am currently staring at, clothes folded and piled high and waiting for me (of course) to put them away, because I think everyone else in this house assumes the fairies most clean their bloody clothes and put them away in their draws, same as the pile of dirty clothes in the bathroom, the fairy again must be responsible for putting them in the machine to clean.
Maybe I should invent a house cleaning fairy as well, then I can live in that dream world were everything is done for me too, oh what bliss that would be, lol. OK dreaming over, I've got washing to put away.
This blog entry bought to you by Blogthis challenge number 2.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Today on my cleaning list was the car and I'm wondering if other people's cars resemble a wardrobe / store all like ours does.
In cleaning out the car I removed one pillow, three baby carriers/slings, five pairs of Taleisha's shoes, three jumpers, two dolls, four drink bottles, three pairs of socks, 1 pair of gloves, three books, a clock, a couple of pencils, three hairclips, four hair ties, mountains of junk mail and other bits of paperwork, plastic containers, four empty soft drink/water bottles and food wrappers. I then took to the floor with the vacuum as it was resembling a snow storm with all the crumbs. It was truly disgusting and sadly a job I had been putting off doing for a little while. I still have to do the boot but for the most part that's hidden so I can live with that looking like a sty, well for a little bit longer that is.
So does any one else's car resemble an extension of the house? I know now even though I'll say no food or no toys or leaving things in the car, my resolve won't last and it will again look like it did today but hopefully I can rejoice in a clean car again for at least a week before it looks like this again...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Bum Shuffler Extraordinaire

We have movement as of Saturday the 16th May 2009, at one year and 6 days old little Miss Mackenzie started to shuffle!!!

It is not of the crawling variety but OMG bum shuffling is so cute and she's getting pretty good at it and that speed is definitely picking up. I'm surprised now when I look down and she is on the other side of the room. She's also learnt in the past week to sit herself up from laying down, so it's full speed ahead for little Miss Mackenzie. I can't believe how quickly everything changes, from one day where she was still moving around by rolling to the next shuffling along on her bum, no intermediate stage in between. She's also really keen to try and pull herself up but hasn't got her feet under herself yet, we're still trying to help her with that one.

I feel such a big relief that she's finally figured it all out, well maybe not it all, but I'm very happy that the pennies are slowly starting to drop, albeit very slowly, but I can handle that, slowly is good. I love still having her as my baby, not toddling off and away from me like her big sister was, the extra cuddles are lovely and something I am definitely going to cherish as I can these days may soon be limited. But I also love the joy she has from this new found independence, she is absolutely delighted that she can now get to an item that she wants, if it was possible I would say in the last few days her smile has gotten so much bigger. And talking about bigger, her big sister is very excited about the fact that her little sister can follow her and it trying to entice her at every chance she gets, it's oh so cute.

Here is a video of her bum shuffling :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I want, I want, I want!!!

I saw this link to an artist on a forum that I am a member of and tentatively clicked and had a browse and OMG I want!!!

The prints are by Art by Gaia and they are just so bright, fun and simple, so much so that I just adore them and think they are bloody perfect, I have two definite favourites and wonder how I'll mention to hubby that I think he should get me at least one for my birthday or even Christmas.

The first is Life Celebration - I love how it shows the stages of creation in time with the moon phases, I think it is beautiful in it's simplicity and I just love the blues, so calming. This is my favourite.
This second one is Dancing Wild - I love how the three women look totally care free, happy, rejoicing, the print just radiates joy to me. The yellows and oranges are nice and bright, lifts my mood from just looking at it, that's got to be a good thing and maybe a selling point.

Now only issue is, exactly how much does it cost to freight it from Canada to Australia, hmmm.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pedal Power

Andrew has been nagging for ages to get a bike, so the other day thanks to our K-Rudd money we bought him a bike and helmet but also bought a kiddy trailer and a couple of helmets for the girls. The only thing left to do was hit the road, well after the boy assembled his bike and the trailer that is.

The girls absolutely loved the bike ride, Taleisha even kept her bike helmet on, Mackenzie was a different story but she still enjoyed being towed around. We soon discovered that we are very unfit and towing 25 odd kilos around at the same time was bloody hard work. That said we both enjoyed it and look forward too many more bike rides as a family. Especially now that the weather is cooling down, perfect way to spend some quality family time together.

Our best buy yet and I'm so glad the girls love it also, I would highly recommend getting one yourselves. I've promised Taleisha that we're going for a ride tomorrow and she's super excited!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

FFS eat your dinner!!!

I'm really seriously over Taleisha's eating habits, she won't eat bloody anything, won't try anything, I don't know what we did to create this monster and I really want to figure it out because I don't want Mackenzie turning into her.

She used to eat so well, then about 18 months ago a switch went off and that was it, she doesn't eat anything, definitely not dinner, not fruit, not vegetables. How do we get her to eat dinner again? I'm refusing to make her a seperate meal, I give her what everyone else gets and if she doesn't eat it then she gets nothing, but I'm seriously over doing this. I'm sick of giving her plain spaghetti, as she won't eat it with the sauce on it, regardless of the type of sauce, I'm sick of trying to think of ways to hide food in what she eats as she just refuses to eat it anyway. Last night I made corn and bacon risotto, as there was corn in there she refused to try it until I convinced her to eat some of the bacon, she had probably 5 diced bits and that was it. Tonight after she turned her nose up at perfectly good pumpkin soup for which she didn't even try, I sent her to bed after some failed negotiations to get her to try it.

I know people say she's exerting her will but this is riduculous, we're getting close on two years with this bloody battle. We don't have junk in the house, I make all our baked goods and I do hide goodies in there, we occasionally have take away but even there her tastes are very plain. Short of prying her mouth open and forcing the food down her throat how do I get her to eat?
I need a plan of attack, the stickers don't work, bribing doesn't work. At the moment I'm going with don't try it then you can go to bed. I guess that's a negative bride and probably counter productive but when you're at the end of your tether and ready to snap, it seemed like a really good option.

argh someone help me!!!

My $20 op shop haul

Today I visited one of our local op shops as a spur of the minute thing to do on the way home from the kids swimming lesson. I had $20 in my purse and it was burning a mega a hole. I decided that I was going to look in the woman's section first, as everytime I go to any shop I always migrate straight towards the kid's section and completely forget about little old me, well not today. That said all the items that I liked were a teeny bit small for me. I did find a nice skirt which may be a bit big but nothing a quick zip under the sewing machine won't fix.

The kids as usual scored very well and I managed to find a couple of toys I have been looking for, one of them I'd had an eye out for since Taleisha was in the baby/toddler room in daycare, so over two years ago now, and another one a bit more recently as we found it was a toy that Mackenzie really took to at her physio appointments. Clothes wise as always they came out with a few pieces. Actually I don't think Taleisha scored that well, maybe just a beanie, Mackenzie did very well and I found a really cute boys jacket that I plan on giving to a little boy for his birthday, as soon as I saw it I thought of him. So I hope his mummy and he like it!!

I guess one can not boast about such a haul without photograhic evidence. So without further ado.

So for only $20 I came home with 13 items, that is less than $2 each, what a score. So from left to right, bottom to top we got -a purple piano xylophone, a book - Notes from a small island by Bill Bryson, a ring stacker, a blue and light brown/cream knitted beanie, a name it khaki long sleeve girls top size 74 (? looks about 6-12 months), a health babe nappy cover size L, a Sprout pink love heart longsie size 00 (yes my 1 year old still wears 00, she's tiny), a Next striped jumper size 3-6 months (it's huge and fits Mackenzie :) ), a purple and green knitted beanie (too cute for words), black and white floral long skirt size 18, pink Pumpkin Patch track pants size 6-12 months, Future life guard in training rash suit size 1 and Dymples green hooded jacket size 2.

I'm so happy with my haul, that I'm boasting to everyone and everybody about it.

All I want for Mother's Day...

is a homemade card.

Hubby was constantly saying in the lead up to Mother's Day that he needed to go and buy me a Mother's Day card. I made it clear from the get go that I would be sorely disappointed if he wasted 5 dollars on a card for me and that I would much rather a home made card by him and the girls.

After saying this to him a number of times, I do believe he got the message, even if he did leave it to the last minute and was quickly assembling the cards at midnight the night before. One can not complain about these things, he was making me a card at the very least, my one wish. I can't justify wasting the money on cards anymore and I'm really keen for keepsakes from the girls. And finally it was a nice little activity for then to do together.

Well on Mother's Day, I was very happy to be presented with two lovely cards from the girls, they weren't perfect in craftsmanship but frankly that's what makes then perfect to me. I love them to bits and am so happy that hubby did listen to me and got me exactly what I asked for.

Here is a shot of my lovely cards.

Aren't they the cutest. I think they're adorable :)

I would be telling fibs if that was all I got. I bought my own little present a week or two before hand and claimed it as my Mother's Day gift. I got an Easiyo yoghurt maker, something I've wanted to get for ages, now to only put it into action. can't wait.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Bella: of the Twilight Saga

Ok ideally I should wait until I've read all the books, I've almost finished the second (New Moon) but Bella is really starting to irritate me. Her character is so needy, I just want to slap her, wake her up and tell her she doesn't need to permanently attach herself to every man she comes along. First off was the scary stalkerfest relationship with Edward, which I'm sure is about to reopen again, don't spoil it for me if it isn't, I'm having a hard enough time as it is reading the page I'm on properly, I seem to want to jump ahead and find out what's happening, quite the impatient reader. Then there is her brother/sister, want to jump in his bed relationship with Jacob, seriously the girl is messed up.

Why can't the lead female role, be one of a strong woman, one who doesn't come across as an emotional train crash. Why does it always have to be the woman needing the man to rescue her, why can't she be the one to do it for herself. Seriously the emotional dependency of this woman is scarier than the werewolves and vampires she chooses to hang with.

Without spoiling the next two books for me, what were other people's thoughts on the character Bella?


Recruits - click the link if you dare.

Seriously what genius thought up this little bomb of a reality tv show. I'm sorry I sadly sat down last week and subjected myself to this rubbish as my beloved TBL and SYTYCD had finally finished and was left with nothing to watch. Well this was just shocking, I sat there sadly bemused by the calibre of recruit going through the academy, wanted to scream at the probationaries to fucking leave the camera alone, your hair is fine, we do not need you to give us a running commentary of what is happening in the job, whilst your senior partner is left dealing with the incident. I can not fathom what big wig in the NSW police department decided this would be a good idea, seriously one of your probationary officers is going to get snotted whilst they are too busy talking to the camera and not paying attention to what they should be doing, more importantly they're not going to pick up the on the job training properly, as that stupid bloody camera is in their face constantly. Hello talk about putting them at risk, so far everytime they were on camera the incident was going on behind them, they had no idea what was happening.

Stupid, stupid, stupid bloody show, the idiocracy of reality tv and the nsw police department has sank to greater lows, big claps for the morons in charge of approving this one. I really hope it rates extremely poorly so it can be axed sooner rather than later and I won't be subjected to even one more advert.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Missy Mack

My dearest baby girl, I can not believe that one full year has passed since you were born, I swear it feels like it was only a few months ago, not twelve. You are growing into such a marvellous little person. You have such a wonderful personality. You like to sit and watch the world go by, taking in every tiny miniscule little detail. You are such a placid little creature and so tolerant. You take the over zealous affection your big sister dishes out with such acceptance. You rarely get angry at her and will often giggle when she is playing with you. Your giggle is infectious and your smile lights up your face.

I love you with every beat of my heart and love you that tiny bit more with every passing moment, you are the light of our lives. I love the way that you are happiest when snuggled into mummy giving big cuddles, you really do give the best cuddles. Your kisses are the cutest. You have taught me so much and am so glad that you chose me to be your mummy, thankyou!!!

Happy 1st Birthday my darling girl!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Yes Man

Hubby and I watched this movie the other night, you know the one with Jim Carey and he has to say yes to everything. The movie was ok, but there was one thing that had me really perplexed. The love interest was all wrong, I felt like I was watching a 40+ guy in midlife crisis with 16 year old baby sitter, it was just all wrong and ruined the movie for me. Seriously bad casting. Seriously grossed out, oh so wrong.

Have you seen it? What did you think?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Time to shop

Well our cheques have cleared and the money courtesy of Mr Kevin Rudd is burning a hole in my pocket, or more realistically my bank account.

So first thing on our shopping list was some airfares and thanks to Jetstar's take a friend for free sale, we have now booked our tickets for a quick weekend getaway and saved some cash in the process, can now probably look at hiring a nice car whilst we're there too.

Andrew was apparently in dire need of some new shoes, so gave him a budget of $150 when we went to Harbour Town on Monday and he came home with two new pairs of shoes and a new bag for work, he did very well for himself :) He got a nice pair of addidas runners and some old school converses and a ripcurl back pack. They all get my tick of approval :)

So now what is on the agenda with the rest of our money, going to pay off our laybys we've got a few, there is winter clothes for the girls, a bike and kiddy trailer and a rowing machine. That should probably be a fair share of the money gone. Looking forward to paying the bike off and going for a ride tomorrow afternoon as a family, although given how Miss M has been she'll very likely need to be in the ergo on my back as we ride around, and more importantly I'll need to de-cobweb and pump my bike tyres up on my bike.

It actually feels good to be able to spend some decent money on ourselves for once and get some special splurge items.

Thanks Mr Rudd.

Monday, May 4, 2009

I'm sorry

Yesterday was Mackenzie's dedication and 1st birthday party, and for what should have been a joyous occasion resulted in my crying my self to sleep. I was extremely upset how things panned out. I had worked really hard to make sure everything was perfect, lots of food and was ready to have a good time.

We all got to the church, expecting at least 5 families to attend to watch my daughters dedication, one turned up, and I thank them deeply for that, I was constantly checking to make sure they could see me, or that they hadn't messaged to say they were lost. Besides that the service went beautifully and I think the messages spoken were very spot on with Miss M's personality. The church service was running late so I sent DH home to make sure someone was home in case people were going to turn up at our house as they couldn't make the service. Well we got home not long after 12.30 and only DH, stepdad and brother was there.

I got everything ready, set up on the tables, and waited but besides the one above couple, no one showed. So we cooked the bbq and got on with serving excess amount of food for lunch. I then checked my computer, email anything really to see if people had messaged me last minute to say they weren't coming but found none, so still assumed people were coming. At about 1.15 get a message from a friend apologising that she couldn't make it, send message back saying doesn't matter no one else has showed either. Was feeling quite sad and disappointed at this stage, all the effort for nothing. Another friend messages back saying she thought it started at 2 and she was on her way. Sadly of the 10 people that RSVP'd to say they were coming, only 4 turned up, 2 of those being family members.

When it came to sing Happy Birthday, my daughter's first, there was one lone voice, mine, no one else would sing, I was really hurt by this, this is something, a memory I won't be able to get back, at my daughter's first birthday I was the only one rejoincing and singing, not even my DH sang. This really upset me, it may seem quite trivial but I guess it is the little things that mean the most to me and after that it was time to blow out the candle and cut the cake, I always like to get some photos of this but because DH was being a big dick and instead of taking photos like a normal bloody person, he was using the action shot so he could take lots at once, I now have a series of a million odd photos that are all blury and dark, not a single nice one in the bunch, why can't he just take a photo like a bloody normal person.

My dearest Mackenzie,

I'm sorry that your birthday party was a flop,
I'm sorry that no one came,
I'm sorry that no one sang,
I'm sorry that I have no photos of you blowing out your single candle,
I'm so sorry that it couldn't be everything I envisaged for you,
you deserve better.