Monday, May 11, 2009

Bella: of the Twilight Saga

Ok ideally I should wait until I've read all the books, I've almost finished the second (New Moon) but Bella is really starting to irritate me. Her character is so needy, I just want to slap her, wake her up and tell her she doesn't need to permanently attach herself to every man she comes along. First off was the scary stalkerfest relationship with Edward, which I'm sure is about to reopen again, don't spoil it for me if it isn't, I'm having a hard enough time as it is reading the page I'm on properly, I seem to want to jump ahead and find out what's happening, quite the impatient reader. Then there is her brother/sister, want to jump in his bed relationship with Jacob, seriously the girl is messed up.

Why can't the lead female role, be one of a strong woman, one who doesn't come across as an emotional train crash. Why does it always have to be the woman needing the man to rescue her, why can't she be the one to do it for herself. Seriously the emotional dependency of this woman is scarier than the werewolves and vampires she chooses to hang with.

Without spoiling the next two books for me, what were other people's thoughts on the character Bella?


  1. Bella is such a great Actor.

    by Samantha A Big fan Of Twilight

  2. hmmm Bella is in fact the character, in the movie she was acted by Kirsten Stewart, so in fact Bella is not such a great actor.

    That said I'm talking about impressions from the book not the hollywood movie's perception, of which I have not watched yet, don't want to ruin the books.