Monday, May 18, 2009

Bum Shuffler Extraordinaire

We have movement as of Saturday the 16th May 2009, at one year and 6 days old little Miss Mackenzie started to shuffle!!!

It is not of the crawling variety but OMG bum shuffling is so cute and she's getting pretty good at it and that speed is definitely picking up. I'm surprised now when I look down and she is on the other side of the room. She's also learnt in the past week to sit herself up from laying down, so it's full speed ahead for little Miss Mackenzie. I can't believe how quickly everything changes, from one day where she was still moving around by rolling to the next shuffling along on her bum, no intermediate stage in between. She's also really keen to try and pull herself up but hasn't got her feet under herself yet, we're still trying to help her with that one.

I feel such a big relief that she's finally figured it all out, well maybe not it all, but I'm very happy that the pennies are slowly starting to drop, albeit very slowly, but I can handle that, slowly is good. I love still having her as my baby, not toddling off and away from me like her big sister was, the extra cuddles are lovely and something I am definitely going to cherish as I can these days may soon be limited. But I also love the joy she has from this new found independence, she is absolutely delighted that she can now get to an item that she wants, if it was possible I would say in the last few days her smile has gotten so much bigger. And talking about bigger, her big sister is very excited about the fact that her little sister can follow her and it trying to entice her at every chance she gets, it's oh so cute.

Here is a video of her bum shuffling :)

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  1. OMG sooo cute!! She is adorable!

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