Sunday, May 24, 2009


Today on my cleaning list was the car and I'm wondering if other people's cars resemble a wardrobe / store all like ours does.
In cleaning out the car I removed one pillow, three baby carriers/slings, five pairs of Taleisha's shoes, three jumpers, two dolls, four drink bottles, three pairs of socks, 1 pair of gloves, three books, a clock, a couple of pencils, three hairclips, four hair ties, mountains of junk mail and other bits of paperwork, plastic containers, four empty soft drink/water bottles and food wrappers. I then took to the floor with the vacuum as it was resembling a snow storm with all the crumbs. It was truly disgusting and sadly a job I had been putting off doing for a little while. I still have to do the boot but for the most part that's hidden so I can live with that looking like a sty, well for a little bit longer that is.
So does any one else's car resemble an extension of the house? I know now even though I'll say no food or no toys or leaving things in the car, my resolve won't last and it will again look like it did today but hopefully I can rejoice in a clean car again for at least a week before it looks like this again...


  1. Yup me! Ours does.
    I also think the same thing, that I'll bring eveything in each time I leave the car ... .year right lol

  2. Our boot is a bit messy :( but the main part is totally empty as we leave it on the street.