Tuesday, May 12, 2009

FFS eat your dinner!!!

I'm really seriously over Taleisha's eating habits, she won't eat bloody anything, won't try anything, I don't know what we did to create this monster and I really want to figure it out because I don't want Mackenzie turning into her.

She used to eat so well, then about 18 months ago a switch went off and that was it, she doesn't eat anything, definitely not dinner, not fruit, not vegetables. How do we get her to eat dinner again? I'm refusing to make her a seperate meal, I give her what everyone else gets and if she doesn't eat it then she gets nothing, but I'm seriously over doing this. I'm sick of giving her plain spaghetti, as she won't eat it with the sauce on it, regardless of the type of sauce, I'm sick of trying to think of ways to hide food in what she eats as she just refuses to eat it anyway. Last night I made corn and bacon risotto, as there was corn in there she refused to try it until I convinced her to eat some of the bacon, she had probably 5 diced bits and that was it. Tonight after she turned her nose up at perfectly good pumpkin soup for which she didn't even try, I sent her to bed after some failed negotiations to get her to try it.

I know people say she's exerting her will but this is riduculous, we're getting close on two years with this bloody battle. We don't have junk in the house, I make all our baked goods and I do hide goodies in there, we occasionally have take away but even there her tastes are very plain. Short of prying her mouth open and forcing the food down her throat how do I get her to eat?
I need a plan of attack, the stickers don't work, bribing doesn't work. At the moment I'm going with don't try it then you can go to bed. I guess that's a negative bride and probably counter productive but when you're at the end of your tether and ready to snap, it seemed like a really good option.

argh someone help me!!!


  1. Hon the only 2 things I can suggest are:

    Socialise her with kids her own age at dinner (i.e. play/dinner dates) and give her dinner at lunch etc if necessary.
    Or, speak to your paed/gp about a child psychologist appt - they will definitely be able to put you on the right track.

    Can't imagine how desperate the situation is :(

  2. I wish I knew!! Definitely agree with Liss' suggestions (at the very least, they will help put your mind at rest). A friends little boy was never much of an eater, but they came over one day for lunch, and he scoffed his sandwich because my kids did. His mother was rather grateful!

    I'm with you about cooking two meals. It can be hard enough getting one on the table!