Saturday, May 30, 2009

If I could invent something...

it would be a washing machine that did everything, kind of like the thermomix (I'm in love :) ).

The washing machine would put the dirty clothes, nappies, sheets, towels (or whatever else needs washing), turn itself on, immediately know what cycle to use, would reuse the water by automatically sending it onto the gardens (so no wastage), would then hang the clothes out to dry and bring them back in when down, fold them and put them away.

Such a machine would be the end to what I am currently staring at, clothes folded and piled high and waiting for me (of course) to put them away, because I think everyone else in this house assumes the fairies most clean their bloody clothes and put them away in their draws, same as the pile of dirty clothes in the bathroom, the fairy again must be responsible for putting them in the machine to clean.
Maybe I should invent a house cleaning fairy as well, then I can live in that dream world were everything is done for me too, oh what bliss that would be, lol. OK dreaming over, I've got washing to put away.
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  1. What a great idea. I would so love something like this - especially the hanging out and folding and putting away bit.