Monday, May 11, 2009


Recruits - click the link if you dare.

Seriously what genius thought up this little bomb of a reality tv show. I'm sorry I sadly sat down last week and subjected myself to this rubbish as my beloved TBL and SYTYCD had finally finished and was left with nothing to watch. Well this was just shocking, I sat there sadly bemused by the calibre of recruit going through the academy, wanted to scream at the probationaries to fucking leave the camera alone, your hair is fine, we do not need you to give us a running commentary of what is happening in the job, whilst your senior partner is left dealing with the incident. I can not fathom what big wig in the NSW police department decided this would be a good idea, seriously one of your probationary officers is going to get snotted whilst they are too busy talking to the camera and not paying attention to what they should be doing, more importantly they're not going to pick up the on the job training properly, as that stupid bloody camera is in their face constantly. Hello talk about putting them at risk, so far everytime they were on camera the incident was going on behind them, they had no idea what was happening.

Stupid, stupid, stupid bloody show, the idiocracy of reality tv and the nsw police department has sank to greater lows, big claps for the morons in charge of approving this one. I really hope it rates extremely poorly so it can be axed sooner rather than later and I won't be subjected to even one more advert.

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