Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

There is nothing more peaceful then the image of your child sleeping. I have managed to catch some great sleeping moments with Taleisha recently.

She is such an active sleeper and has taken to sleeping with us again, which is more of a problem for her father than me, as she does like to spread herself out on his side of the bed, and never far behind is her baby.

Her bedtime routine has evolved and when we put her to bed, we read her a couple of stories and then the light is left on, and she then reads to her babies, this photo was taken last night, somebody was obviously a little bit tired. She did this a couple of weeks ago but with a far heavier book, so no photos that day.

and here she is catching flies on a drive home earlier this month. I don't know how that position can be the least bit comfortable but she stayed like that for ages.

I could watch her sleep all night, I just love the movements, the murmurrings and that peaceful aura that comes from a sleeping child, just wonderful.

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