Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Time to shop

Well our cheques have cleared and the money courtesy of Mr Kevin Rudd is burning a hole in my pocket, or more realistically my bank account.

So first thing on our shopping list was some airfares and thanks to Jetstar's take a friend for free sale, we have now booked our tickets for a quick weekend getaway and saved some cash in the process, can now probably look at hiring a nice car whilst we're there too.

Andrew was apparently in dire need of some new shoes, so gave him a budget of $150 when we went to Harbour Town on Monday and he came home with two new pairs of shoes and a new bag for work, he did very well for himself :) He got a nice pair of addidas runners and some old school converses and a ripcurl back pack. They all get my tick of approval :)

So now what is on the agenda with the rest of our money, going to pay off our laybys we've got a few, there is winter clothes for the girls, a bike and kiddy trailer and a rowing machine. That should probably be a fair share of the money gone. Looking forward to paying the bike off and going for a ride tomorrow afternoon as a family, although given how Miss M has been she'll very likely need to be in the ergo on my back as we ride around, and more importantly I'll need to de-cobweb and pump my bike tyres up on my bike.

It actually feels good to be able to spend some decent money on ourselves for once and get some special splurge items.

Thanks Mr Rudd.

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