Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Have eggplant, what to cook?

I bought eggplant when I did the grocery shopping because it was on special and it looked good but now I am left with the dilemma of what to cook. I'm thinking maybe stuffed eggplant, similar to stuffed casicum, but haven't got a recipe, so might have to go for a hunt.

Does anyone have some good simple eggplant dinner recipes? preferrably quick too.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Op Shopping bargains aplenty!!!

Saturday I went on an op shopping mission, I was out looking for a second hand bike for Taleisha for Christmas, yes I know getting in early, nothing to be found in that department anyway. So will have to keep our eyes open for that one, hoping to pick on up cheaply, clean it up, give it a fresh lick of paint if needed and voila, nice new bike for Taleisha for a fraction of the cost. But I digress.

My other mission was to find some nice pants that I could wear to work, that one I did accomplish as well as a few extra bits and pieces. In all I bought 18 items for about $45, so that's about $2.60 per item, bargain!!! Unfortunately not everything fitted me, the joy of shopping with two kids and taking the gamble, alas I could do them up, just the bulge over the top wasn't pretty, so it is a goal to be in them by the end of the year. Also whilst boasting to hubby creature on the phone he requested that I get him some pants for work too. OMG shopping for guys suck, they have thirty different sizing scales. I almost bought some Hugo dress pants but couldn't work out the bloddy sizing and they looked they might be too small. Could have been my bargain of the century.

Anyway this is what I got.
  1. Osh Kosh Red Cord Dress size 2
  2. Nappy cover
  3. Spud Kids blue fleece dress size 2
  4. Table 8 brown jean pants size 16 (as new condition, don't look like they've ever been worn)
  5. Yellow wooden bumble bee pull along toy, so cute the wings flap as it moves
  6. Grey Alaska tshirt size 3
  7. Adams blue denim pinstripped overalls size 3
  8. Cattivo brown dress shoes
  9. Piping Hot green men's cargo pants size 34
  10. Millers green and brown long sleeve tie front shirt size 16
  11. Nicola Waite black and white print long skirt size 4 (assume it is equivalent to 16 as it fits me)
  12. Brown soft crinkle skirt size 14
  13. Target brown dress pants size 16
  14. Colarado aqua and beige skirt size 14
  15. Brown pinstripped pants size 14
  16. Lucy Law black dress pants size 16
  17. Spade
  18. Bananas and Pajamas raincoat size 4-5
(items 14-16 are my goal clothes, so hopefully I can accomplish it :) ) I really need to take a photo of the black and white skirt on it's own, it is gorgeous and so different, love love love it.

Next Saturday I plan on hitting a couple of different op shops, so fingers crossed I can find some nice work tops and maybe some more pants for work that aren't brown. Wasn't till I got home and had a good look at my stash that I saw how much brown I had, it seems to be my colour of choice at the moment.

Jumping Ballerina

Taleisha loves all things pink and is a little ballerina in the making. I took this video the other day. She is such a little ball of delight and I really wonder how I managed to create such a girly little creature :)

What a week

My first full week of work, man am I exhausted. It's amazing how accustomed I was to the freedom of my stay at home mum life, the ability to start our day when ever we felt like it. The need to be out of bed, dressed, breakfasted and out of the house by 8am is doing my head in. However I am getting super organised with the girls. Daycare bags packed and the next days clothes out the night before. Makes for a little less running around in the morning.

Thankfully the girls have adjusted really well. They especially Taleisha, love daycare, thanking the gods for that one, makes my adjustment so much easier knowing that they are happy and well. I believe that Taleisha has then all wrapped around her little finger, she has a knack for that. She also had her first nap during the day in yonder years, thought the evening would be awful but she was still in bed as per usual. The staff commented that she just goes and goes, yeap that's my girl, weil except for the fact she is currently vegging on the couch next to me watching Strawberry Shortcake.

I think the only person struggling with the adjustment is Andrew, I do believe he has just been given a crash course in what my life has been like for the past 13 months and he is drowning. The girls are definitely full on, especially when Mackenzie is being her cling on self. However I worked around that and would just throw her in a sling or a wrap and work around it, he doesn't grasp that concept. I guess for now as long as the girls are fed and happy when I get home then I am ok, just disappointed that the washing, folding, sweeping and every other chore is left for me, definitely eats away at my time off with the girls too. I'm going to give him a mini list of things for him to tackle this week when it is days off, so he'll have some focus. Fingers crossed.

I finally started my assignment this week and I am really struggling to get my head around it, the serious lack of motivation and my extreme ability in the art of procrastination probably isn't helping. I have written 677 words, only another 700 or so to go, so just under half way. Hopefully I'll be able to knock it over tonight.

Friday night I caught up with some dear friends, it had been ages since I'd seen them, ok it was probably only a couple of weeks, but given I haven't been able to go to morning teas or anything since starting work, two weeks for us us quite a long time :) We had some yummy scrummy pizza and some really bad frozen dessert that was just so good. Just thinking about it now I'm getting hungry.

Friday I was also stunned to hear of Michael Jackson's passing, I still can't believe that he is dead. Seems so surreal. I am enjoying the fact that all his classic songs have been resurrected and played on the radio again, such great music and I find myself cranking the radio to sing along. And another Farrah Fawcet, may she rest in peace and finally free of pain.

Saturday, I went shopping with the girls, we hit the op shop in search of a bike for Taleisha (no luck with that one) and some new work clothes for me. I ended up coming home with a mega haul but will do another post to show off my wares.

This weekend draws my mega week to an end and I am finally seeing the other side of the washing pile. I have the last load in the dryer at the moment. Everything needs to go in the dryer at the moment as with the wind and rain we've had over the last week, nothing is drying on the line. I've managed to clear the mountains of folded piled clothes off the back of the couch and put them away, I'm really not sure if anyone in this house realises how the clothes make it from the bathroom floor to the lovely clean folded pile on the bed.

So this lovely sunday afternoon sees me enjoying a few quiet minutes on the net, whilst Mackenzie snoozes and Taleisha's eyes turn square whilst she stands centimetres away from the tv watching Strawberry.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

How I love road trips

Before we made the big trek west, we decided to make a road trip with our two girls. The trip plan was a work in progress and was constantly changing even whilst we were on the road. The trip came about after a friend said that they had scored some cheap airfares to the Gold Coast. We figured we would have a look and fly across before we would need to pay an arm and a leg to do so. When I got the total quote and figured in a hire car it just didn't seen like it was going to happen, until I had a brain wave, why don't we drive!!!

I costed it and it seemed doable so I started to look into accomodation and found a nice 1 and a half bedroom apartment in Surfer's Paradise for a steal, so I went out on a whim and booked it. Were we really going to drive to the Gold Coast with a 2 and half year old and a three month old, how nuts were we. I'm a pretty big planner and a massive list writer, so I got on planning the itinary and booking theme park tickets. Whilst I was googling around I saw that Cirque de Soleil was in Canberra at the same time we were planning on travelling, again I did the sums and figured that Canberra really wasn't that far out of our way. So in the spur of the moment booked the tickets. It now was no longer just a trip to the Gold Coast it had grown to a trip to the Gold Coast and Canberra, and considering we were so close we decided to call into Sydeny as well.

I was so excited about this trip, it was really going to either make or break us having no idea how the girls would go in the car, knowing that I had planned some massive driving stints. But by the time the day (or night) that we planned on leaving came around, we were all packed and set to go on our whirlwind adventure. This is how it unfolded.
27th October 2008

Bright and early (or very dark) at 2am in the morning we set off, first stop Dubbo. We decided that we did not have any real interest in stopping any where between Adelaide and Dubbo, so set off in the wee hours of the morning to knock over some decent kilometres whilst the girls slept the time away. The plan was for me to sleep but after seeing kangaroo heads pop up at the side of the road my nerves were on edge. I also managed to collect the first bit of road kill with our brand new car (it was less than a few days old), a bunny with a death wish met an untimely end. I was a bit thrown after that. We also had to stop (well slow down) for a koala taking it's time crossing the road. The wildlife we saw on that trek was amazing.

However the new car also recieved it's first chip, a rock and our windscreen collided leaving a nice little crack, so on arrival into Dubbo we made a quick trip to Windscreen Obriens for some patch up work before finding our bed for the night. Our room was simply that a bed, there was no room for anything else and with a cranky two year old who having slept most the day away was not tired and given we had had no sleep, it was not a good combination.

28th October 2008

We hit the road early again and make our way towards Queensland. At the border we do the typical tourist thing and pull up on the side of the road and get a photo with the big billboard welcoming us to Queensland. I had all these photos as a kid and I love looking at them so want to do the same for our girls.Driving into Surfers Paradise was a nice surprise as the Indy track was still up so we got to drive on the track to get to our appartment, well once we found our appartment that is. The Navman was giving us the bum steer and took us in the wrong direction but we did find it eventually. We also splurged and went to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner and again got the obligatory photos and souvenirs.
29th October 2008

Today we made our way to Dreamworld, I do believe this was a big hit, Miss Taleisha loved it. She went on every ride possible. She loved Nickolodeon central, she went on the Dora Sea Planes, the Blue Clues ride, The carousel, the swing seat ride, absolutely everything. She also went on some of the big kid rides including this canyon one, she definitely surprised me, the girl has no fear!!! Wiggles World however was a tad disappointing.
It was however a massive day out and on our way home we stopped at a couple of factory outlets, however Taleisha was completely worn outIn the evening we had a wander of the Surfers Paradise beach side markets, some gorgeous stuff and such a beautiful beach. Sadly we didn't spend anytime on the beach, maybe next time.
30th October 2008

Todays agenda was Seaworld and OMG it was a hit. It had to be our pick of the parks. There was something for everyone. We got to watch all the shows. Loved the dolphins, it was exactly as I remembered, if not better. I loved seeing Taleisha's excitement about everything, especially Sesame street beach and Elmo, that was definitely a hit.
31st October 2008
The last of the theme parks today, we headed off to Movieworld. We were a bit worried as we had heard soem reviews that there wasn't much there for young kids but we found that the WB kids section was fantastic. Taleisha went on nearly every ride and had an absolute blast. So we would highly recommend Movieworld. We were also very fortunate that given we were visiting parks during the week and out of school holidays the queues weren't crazy and Taleisha could hop between rides without having to wait for an eternity to get on them.

Taleisha was the cutest on the mini bumper cars, she could only just reach the pedal to make it go and when she did she would go round and round in circles.

1st November 2008

We drove up to Brisbane for the day, visited South Bank, what a little beauty that place is. We went to the State Library and caught up with a good friend and her girls. Taleisha had an accident whilst at the library and managed to make a bit of a mess of it, I felt so sorry for the guy that had to clean it up. We also didn't have any spare clothes for her, whoops. After a play at the library we went for a stroll down a local eatery and had lunch, the big girls got an icecream as a treat, they looked uber cute licking their ice creams together.

When we got back to Surfers Paradise we where off on a tour on the Aquaduck, this thing was heaps of fun, the girls even got to have a turn at the wheel when we were on the water.

2nd November 2008

On the road again, today we got up early and were headed for Sydney. It was a very scenic trip and coming out and seeing a hot air balloon in the sky and the rolls royce travelling in front of you was pretty nice. Driving into Sydney the views were simply spectacular.

3rd November 2008

From the last time I visited Sydney and visited Taronga Zoo I have raved about it, so it was a must see place when we were calling through. One thing however that we did not take into account when we headed off to the zoo this fine sunny day was peak hour traffic. A trip that our Navman assured us would only take 40 minutes took some where close to 2 hours, it was insane and quite frustrating. The zoo was just as I remembered it, definitely managed to get a work out, walking up and down the hills with Miss Mackenzie in the sling and Miss Taleisha in the pusher.

In the evening we were very fortunate enough to have a dinner invitation with a good friend and her girls. Our kids got on famously, it was great company, excellent food and a fantastic evening.

4th November 2008

On the road again, headed for Canberra. We had a lunch date with a friend and her little boy so had some distance to cover. However Sydney traffic had other ideas, and it took us a while to get moving. On the way we decided that we were not going to be able to see the things we wanted to see before going to see Cirque de Soleil that evening, so we decided to stay an extra night in Canberra. I cancelled our accomodation that I had planned for the next night and booked another night at the Crown. ( it was our splurge night given we had done the budget thing for all the other nights and I had gotten a good deal, our extra night however was at rack rate and it was nasty but we went ahead with it anyway). Lunch was lovely. We visited Parliament house and got some obligatory photos and then it was off to Cirque de Soleil. The show did not disappoint it was awesome!!!

5th November 2008

Today we continued with the tourist thing, we visited the War Memorial, that place was impressive. We visited the Canberra Mint. We visited the National Zoo and Aquarium, this place was a little disappointing given it is titled as the National Zoo, it did have a heap of renos going on, so it can only improve. Visited another carousel and hit the shops. Managed to run in Jana (whatever her last name is), the olympic runner and her family in pumpkin patch. I also introduce Andrew to the Krispy Kreme donut and he is instantly in love insisting that tomorrow we need to buy a couple dozen to take home with us.

6th November 2008

My birthday and the second year in a row that we were away for it, definitely spoilt. Nothing exciting planned for my birthday though, driving driving and more driving. Whilst on the road Andrew simply mentions, that given we are this close did I want to visit my bestie in Melbourne for a few days. OMG hell yes!!! I call my best mate and see if she can put us up for a couple of days, she is just as excited at the prospect as I am, so it is a deal. So another change of plans. So I cancel our accomodation again and we change our course and head for Melbourne. Woohoo!!!

7th November 2008

Today we visited Aunty Laina in her classroom, Miss Taleisha thought it was fantastic. We then went to the Aquarium as it was one of the few places in Melbourne left for us to see. I do believe we will be going back again, Taleisha loved it and I would like Mackenzie to experience it to. We also managed to do a bit of shopping, factory outlets are really bad, especially on the bank balance.

8th November 2008

Considering this part of the trip was completely unplanned we kind of took today as it came, so first place we visited was the Dandenong Show. It was years since I went to a rural show. However I know one thing that has changed for sure having to pay for parking and entrance fee, ouch. The girls got there first showbags. We made our way to Pancake Parlour and I found my new favourite dish, chocolate panckaes with chocolate sauce, cream and strawberries.

9th November 2008
Homeward bound, what started out as a little road trip to the Gold Coast, resulted in a one way trip to every east coast capital. It was a great trip. The girls were A class travellers. The car was packed to bursting point. Literally. The girls had a complete new wardrobe.

The trip was amazing, an absolutely fantastic experience and as me earning for more. I want to hire a caravan and set off on a trip around Australia. I think the girls would gain so much from that and it is definitely on our one day list. I learnt so much about myself on this trip and I love the experiences as a family that we gained, the memories we made, the photos we have, our first family holiday, it was definitely one to remember and Miss Mackenzie welcomed her first tooth whilst on the road. Can't wait for the next one, I am definitely a road trip junkie, or amybe I'm just a holiday junkie, always have itchy feet!! So many places I want to see, one day, one day.

I love winter but...

I feel like shite today.

I just can't get warm, my feet are freezing and I've got socks and slippers on.

I feel like I'm coming down with something. My ( . ) ( . ) are sore, I woke up this morning and my left boob was extremely tender and had a sharp pain down the side. Was a little bit tender to feed but not too bad. A killer headache and achy neck and sore across the top of my shoulders. Have a feeling that I may be coming down with my first bout of mastitis this time round, thinking working and dropping that mid day feed and open tap that Miss M used to have access to is the reason that I'm feeling like this today. Hoping that I have managed to whip it in the bud and it doesn't develop into full blown mastitis. I've made both girls feed off that side today as much as possible.

Also just generally feeling run down and tired, a cold sniffly nose isn't helping either.

Woe is me, lol.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Weekend Mission

Man oh man, what a big week. But now that leaves a weekend with so much to do and with so little time to do it. So I'm going to write a list and systematically work my way through it, room by room. The house needs a massive clean, it's doing my head in, so girls permitting this is my plan for the weekend.

Main Bedroom
change sheets done
dust window seels
clean windows
vacuum floor done
clean skirting boards and door frames
tidy bed side and dressing table done

Ensuite bathroom
clean shower cubicle done
change bin done
wash towels and bath mat done
assemble washing basket
wash dirty clothes done
clean sink and bench (remove all junk off top and put away)
mop floor

sort toys (and cull) done (besides cull)
clean play kitchen
clean window
wipe down skirting boards
vacuum floor done

change bin done
clean and put dishes away done
remove clutter from benches done
sweep and mop floors
wipe stove top
clean oven

Dining room
clear clutter off dining table done
sweep and mop floor

Lounge room
sweep and vacuum floor
put away toys done
clear clutter off entertainment unit
tackle Mt Foldmore done

sweep and vacuum have swept

Spare room
vacuum floor
clean computer desk

Wash towels done
sort out bath toys
clean sink
sweep and mop floor
change kitty litter done

sweep and mop floor (toilet incl) swept
clean toilet
tackle washing (sheets, clothes and nappies) 3rd load on the go now
clear off top of washing machine

Mackenzie's room
change sheets done
clean up dressing table done
wipe window seel and door frame
vacuum floor

Taleisha's room
change sheets done
clean books and toys off floor done
wipe window seel and door frame
clean down the side of her bed
vacuum floor

take clothes off the line done - but have put 2 more on since :)
clean up toys
sweep patio

Other things to do this weekend
pick up some groceries to make cookies (and other needed items) done
bake cookies with Taleisha
cook up some meals for during the week
write shopping list for next pay
work out a routine for during the week to keep on top of the housework

I don't think I am going to get it all done this weekend but as long as I can knock over the majority of it, it should make my life easier during the week, especially if we can maintain it. Will probably need to sort a list out for the hubbard person to, so he knows what needs doing on his days off with the girls. Take some of the work off my hands. He didn't manage much beyond looking after the girls this week, so hopefully he can actually manage to do a load of washing or something next week.

Not too sure how I'm going to get to the shops either, it is pissing down with rain and the car is with Andrew today, damn.

Well better get off here otherwise I'm not going to get anything done.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mackenzies Gems

Is a new stay at home mum business. Taryn is the creative mastermind behind Mackenzies Gems for which she named after her gorgeous little girl. Her little girl shares her gorgeous name with my youngest and it was in fact through our little girls that we met.

The online shop sells some gorgeous necklaces and earrings at extremely affordable prices, all one off unique pieces. She also as some fantastic paintings on the site for sale too. She is one very talented woman and I am wishing her all the best with her new business venture, I'm sure she will do very well with such incredible talent.

Here are a couple of my favourite things.
Strawberry Shortcake necklace

Oceans necklace
Starry eyed canvas

And even better if you drop by and have a look at Taryn's website, drop her a line and she'll enter you into a competition to win this gorgeous necklace as a thank you for helping her launch her new online venture, so what are you waiting for!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Second Day Blues

This morning was awful and went pretty much as expected, well there was one unhappy surprise.

Mackenzie when we got to the centre and the childcare worker took her the crying started, expected that, didn't think she'd go quite so happily today but knew that she would be fine in five minutes if that. The surprise was Taleisha, she had tears on from the moment she got out of the car, didn't want to mummy to go, oh sweetie way to break mummy's heart. I really didn't think she would have this kind of reaction given her past experience but I guess it has been about 15 or 16 months since she was last in a childcare environment. I did eventually manage to untangle Taleisha from my leg and leave, feeling very miserable.

Pick up time was also a mixture of emotions, Taleisha did not want me to put her down after I had picked her up to give her a hug, one of the child care workers thankfully carried her out to the car for me, as she was getting upset, whilst I the packhorse carried the bags and Mackenzie. I did however fix the hunger issues bu making dinner for them this morning and taking it to daycare, so that was one problem fixed as they were fed by the time I picked them up, although Taleisha had a bowl of weetbix when she got home.

I am certainly looking forward to our weekend together and will be cherishing the moments as I no longer have the luxury of 24/7 with my girls :(

Work went well, no head ache today but my shins are killing, must be from walking in heels, even though my heels are wussy and can barely be called that. Also got my work ID today, my photo is extremely scary.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

We survived

The girls and I surprisingly survived my first day back with no incidents.

The drop off went really smoothly, Taleisha took off into the play area with barely a glance back at mummy. Mackenzie wasn't completely sure but she did go to the child care worker and waved goodbye to mummy and daddy as we left without a tear. There was no tears from mummy either but I was definitely not happy, good old mummy guilt.

Caught the train into the city in the pissing down rain and got to the office half hour early, no stress I bought my uni studies, so just did my reading for this week. There was 15 other new recruits with me and we all set in for a big day. I hit it off really well with two of the women there which was awesome well except for when we were split into two groups and we were seperated, damn. My partner in crime in respect to snide comments and observations was seperated, lol. By mid afternoon my head was throbbing, I had the headache to beat all headaches, it was so painful. Think it probably had a lot to do with the lights, it was really unbearable, will be taking the panadol to dose up with tomorrow.

I had a few issues with my introductory trainer but nothing personal, I just don't agree with some of the ways she says things, especially the need to tell a story and then para phrase that same story another three times immediately after the other. It was quite draining to listen to. I also wasn't impressed with the way she referred to her experienced workers in a derogatory way in some instances, I found it really disrepectful. So for once I'm actually going to be able to make some comments on those silly feedback forms they give you at the completion of training courses. My group trainer seems really nice and am looking forward to actually knuckling down and learning what I'm supposed to be doing.

The train trip home was long, I fet so drained, it had been a long day, I still had the headache from hell and I just wanted to see my girls so bad. When I got to childcare, I could hear Mackenzie grizzling, she'd apparently only been grizzling for about half an hour and was no longer having a bar of the bottle and was refusing anything else. I was the instant cure, as soon as I picked her up, the grizzling miraculously stopped. Taleisha didnt even notice me come in, feel the love. The girls both ate well, apparently Taleisha ate all her fruit and vegetables, yeah that would be right, Mackenzie drank from her bottle (cow's milk) and ate lots, cloth nappies were fine and staff had no issues with them. Taleisha didn't sleep, so she was knackered and hungry by the time I got there at 5.45 p.m. and Mackenzie had a small nap as she was woken by some of the older kids.

So all in all the girls had a really good day. However tomorrow I plan to be a little more organised, thinking I might get some risotto out of the freezer and send it to daycare with the girls so they can have dinner before I pick them up, poor things were starving when we got home and I had nothing prepared, Taleisha ended up having biscuits, bad mummy.

I have my fingers crossed that drop off goes as smoothly but have a sinking feeling that Mackenzie might not go so well, knowing that I'm not going to be coming back straight away, hoping for no tears.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Best Birthday "Cake" Ever!!!

A watermelon truck for Master Owen's 2nd Birthday, it was fantstic and we had to hold the kids back from diving in whilst we sang happy birthday and blew out the candles.
What a great idea and would be perfect for playgroups, childcare and schools where there are so many dietary restrictions. You can't go wrong with fruit.

Last day as a SAHM

Today I say good bye to my stay at home mum ways. Tomorrow I return to the work force. I am surprisingly excited, terrified, sad, happy, everyone emotion possible.

No more week day morning teas with my mummy friends, no more days of spending every moment with my girls :( no more sleeping in until 7.30 a.m. during the week, no more fly by the cuff days.

Hello Monday to Friday in the office, hello mad rush mornings and childcare drop offs. Hello to big smiles at childcare pick up. Hello to a pay cheque :)

Hoping the girls adjust well to childcare, especially Miss Mackenzie and I hope I cope being away from my girls and can handle the job.

Now to get our bags packed and my lunch organised.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Stupid Thornlie Leisureworld

Grrr I'm extremely mad with the girls swim school and yes I just named and shamed you in Cyber space Thornlie Leisureworld.

With me starting work I am unable to take them to their class during the week. We have to pay in term blocks up front, so they are paid up until the end of term and I asked about changing them to a class on the weekend. They refused to do it this late in the term, what the fuck, I've damn well paid for those classes. What makes it worse was Miss T was sick today, so I kept her home, so now that the swimmig school has all but cancelled the girls lessons, they won't be going swimiming for ages if we stay with this school. I am bloody fuming.

Apparently all they can do for me is to credit my account for next term, minus a $14 administration fee, fuck knows what they're administrating because as far as I can see they've done bloody nothing, highway freaking robbery. And hopefully I can get a spot on Saturday, after all the others have been given an opportunity to re-enrol. I am unable to fathom why they just couldn't have transferred them into the Saturday classes, it is winter, the classes aren't full, it would not have inconvenienced any bloody one.

I'm sad for my girls because they both love swimming and now due to this admins stupid incompetencies they are going to miss out for nearly two months, not fucking happy. If it wasn't for the fact that I and the girls really like their instructors I would have told them to stick their school up their arse. That said now that I'm home and still pretty pissed I've found a swim school that is even closer to home and am going to go check it out this afternoon when Miss Mackenzie wakes up from her afternoon nap. Hoping that they don't use floaties and that Miss Taleisha does not need parental involvement and if they're both yeses, I think we will definitely change schools, especially given it is half the distance from home compared to the other place and well I'm too bloody angry to be forgiving to Thornlie Leisureworld even if the girls do get spots next term on Saturday.
*update 10/6/09*
We checked out Seadragonz at Forrestdale yesterday afternoon and that looks really good. It goes for 50 weeks of the year, breaks for a couple of weeks over Christmas. It is tiny, only three laned 15 metre pool but seems so much better for the kids and there is plenty of seating right next to the pool for parents, grandparents etc. Plus after the lesson they can look at the horses in the paddock next door. When you're driving there you really wouldn't have a clue that there is a swimming pool, in the middle of paddock country. Same philosophies as Thornlie, they've got the Swim Australia tick of approval so no floaties, which is a big plus for me. Also it is so much closer to home, it's just off the intersection of Armadale Road and the Tonkin hwy, stones throw distance. Less than half the travel distance.

You do need to wear swimming caps though, it's apparently to keep the pool cleaner and reduce the use of chemicals. Thank fully we have a swimming cap for T, it's just well stored, in other words need to find it. They're OK with the use of cloth swim nappies, another tick. No lollies or junk being sold, another tick. I think we will definitely moving the girls, need to try and get some money back from Thornlie and then the money needed to enrol the girls in Seadragonz and then we can kiss Thornlie the "F" goodbye :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Renaming my blog

I need a new name.

Kat's Kapers isn't doing it for me anymore.

I want something that resembles who I am but isn't overly soppy or long. Something short, simple and succint. To me, I'm a mummy, a wife, a friend, a uni student, a teacher to my children, a worker, learning to be more natural and concious of my decisions and their impact on myself, children and the environment, a chocoholic, a tandem extended breastfeeding, babywearing, cloth nappy using mummy, op shopping addict, facebook addict, ex rugby player, want to be water polo player and dreamer of world travel adventures . So many things, so how to define my blog, the place where I talk about everything and anything.

I think I need to put my thinking cap on and hopefully inspiration will soon come to me. Probably in the form of a lightening strike to the head.

Any suggestions?

The letter T

is one letter I'd happily not ever ever ever attempt to applique again. You would think it would be simple but I must have picked the worse font on the planet, as this one well and truly gave me grief. However yesterday I decided that after a month or so of putting it off, it was time to finish the top and not let it get the better of me.

So I did, I'm not overly impressed with the stitching but given how long ot took me to get even that done, I'm not doing it again, just don't look too bloody close.

I do however like the colour and print and endeavour to make a co-ordinating pant or skirt to go with it, just haven't made up my mind yet.

It's the little things...

Blog This Photographic Challenge - "It's the little things"

Simple, everyday things which make your life a pleasure. Limit of 10 images...no minimum. You don't have to be a fabulous photographer, just have fun. No words required, let your photos tell the story...

1. Giggles and smiles from two gorgeous girls 2. Sleepy snuggles 3. learning to sew and all that creative 4. a good glass of wine 5. home cooked comfort food 6. breast feeding and baby wearing.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Today we...

Slept in. Awww bliss.

Skipped church. Taleisha's sick, and that's our excuse and we're sticking to it.

Caught the train into the city.

Meandered around the Perth Upmarkets at the Town Hall.

Fell in love with some new local finds. (Oli B Design Allambie Grove kitchen kaos eco peko oohlala preserves)

Had McD's for lunch *blush*

Visited the Perth Museum and roared with the dinosaurs :)

Trailed through the Perth Sunday Market and patted a python.

Caught the train home.

Has been a lovely Sunday, wish there were more days like today, gorgeous sunshine and moving at the pace you want to, nowhere to be and take it has it comes, love those days.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Somewhere over the rainbow

Last night I had a few women over for a movie night which turned into more of a you tube music fest, which was lovely as one of the lovely women opened this marvellous video clip for a purely amazing and beautiful song. I love this song, it speaks straight to the heart. The singer has an amzing voice and it is such a surprise that such a beautiful voice comes from such a robust man, which in itself makes the song all that much more beautiful.

When I listen to it, as I put it on replay a few times last night, I started to think about where I had heard the song, the first movie that springs to mind is 50 First Dates, the Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore one. I've also seen it used on montages for births and marriages, as it is such a peaceful wonderful song.

So what do you think?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Now you're cooking

OK, I admit I must be getting old, when I am getting excited about a kitchen appliance but OMG this isn't any ordinary kitchen appliance, this thing is amazing. It is the Thermomix and it is a revolution, although it comes with a price tag to match. I haven't quite gotten my head around the price which is why I can't exclaim that I am a proud owner, that doesn't mean I'm not doing the sums and trying to figure if it is in fact worth the dollars they are asking.

I went to a demo last Friday and in the 2 hour demo, the consultant served 6 dishes, a raspberry sorbet, a garlic and chive dip, a sundried tomato and olive focacia, coleslaw, mushroom risotto and lemon custard. The time it took to make these dishes was amazing and they all tasted bloody good. The sorbet was made in like 60 seconds, it chopped onion in a couple of seconds it was nuts. The machine does everything, baking a cake, no need to get out the scales, you can weigh things as you add them, how much easier is that. The machine chops, it beats, it mixes, it whips, it grinds, it kneads, it minces, it grates, it juices, it blends, it heats, it stirs, it steams and it weighs food. A mini kitchen all in one.

I seriously want one!!! I've told Andrew I'm going to have a demo, so he can check it out and see what he thinks, no way I'm committing to purchasing one of these without checking out with the money man first, I'm pretty sure she'd have him sold from the moment she whipped up the raspberry sorbet though. So Perth girls when I have my demo, you'll have to come check it out, no obligation to buy, just come share the good food with me and marvel at this appliance, lol. I'm also thinking of maybe, just maybe of becoming a consultant, a way to pay off the machine if we get one and eventually make some extra pocket money. I'm thinking about it, that's for sure :)

Trust me when you see this thing in action, you'll be like a little kid at a candy store, you may think you won't be, like I did last week, but look at me now, lol.

Proud Lactivist

Back in April I was part of a protest in response to Colin Barnett's comments that there was no need to change anti-discrimination laws to protect breastfeeding mother's and their right to feed their baby. It was such a great experience and something I felt really strong about, we shouldn't be made to go sit in a dark dank corner so Mr and Mrs snooty nose does not see a tiny bit of flesh whilst we give our babies the nourishment they need. I'm of the view if they feel so opposed to it, then they should go sit in that dark and dank corner so they can't see it.

There were a couple of articles written about our recent efforts, to raise public awareness and a change in the legislation, for which myself and my boobs frequented quite a lot, actually in one article I am in every photo in one way or another, felt very chuffed with that little effort :) Here are the links to the articles.
Bid to protect breastfeeding mum's

Protest article

I am so proud of my breast feeding relationship with both my girls, Taleisha breast fed daily up until she was 2 and a half, and now as the occassional comfort feed, I am saddened that when people ask how long Taleisha breast fed for that I am often embarrassed to admit that she is still feeding, afraid if what the other persons reaction might be, even though I am comfortable with our decision not to deny her if she asked for it, as well as being well aware of the World Health Organisations standards and statistics. However I don't think I have the courage in me to willing welcome the public onslaught if I was to publicly breast feed her, I don't think I'm big enough to handle that.

Mackenzie is still feeding also and she is definitely a boobie junkie. Although she is a much rougher feeder compared to her big sister, I have the scratch marks on my breasts to prove it, I'm still very content with our feeding relationship as is she, she is definitely showing no sign of wanting to give up her boobie. I'm also still quite comfortable feeding her in public and am getting quite crafty at how I do this, I have recently mastered breast feeding her in our Ergo carrier and am quite chuffed at this, it's not an easy feat with breasts as big as mine.

With Mackenzie now one and feeding a lot more than Taleisha did at this age, I'm wondering at what age did I transition from being comfortable to feed in public to no longer feeling comfortable? I really don't want to reach that stage and although I have a close circle of understanding friends who wouldn't bat an eyelid at me feeding Taleisha, I know it's not something I'd do outside the confines of our home.

For now I feel the need to rejoice in my freedom to feed Mackenzie whenever and whereever she wants and having the courage and confidence to do so and knowing that she is getting the best possible nourishment that nature intended.

Job Hunting News

I have had four interviews now. One with flight centre which was a no, One with the department of Housing and One with WAPol for which I am yet to hear from but not feeling overly confident and One with Centrelink for which I have progressed to a second interview this week, it feels good to have a small YES under my belt. I was getting pretty desperate and had dropped resumes off at the local shops and feeling positive about the chance of a night fill position, ok the hours are still appealing to me. Or even more than willing to settle for a check out chick position, anything really that can get a little bit more cash flow coming our way.
It's really getting disheartening at how long it is taking to find a job and to some extent I wonder if I am sabotaging myself, because deep down I know that where I want to be is at home with my girls. Unfortunately we need money to pay the bills, mainly the debts that we just can't seem to shake and until they're gone, I need to be working :(
The two jobs I'm waiting to hear back from were both panel interviews and I was so nervous that I kept getting muddled and having brain freezes, it was awful. The most recent interview was a one on one and I felt so much more at ease, the interviewer made it so much easier for me to relax and answer her questions with out turning into a bundle of nerves. I'm definitely in dire need of some interview practice and answering the interview questions, I'm so out of practice it isn't funny.
Thankfully I am feeling quite positive about the Centrelink job, except that it is only a 6 week temp position and then I may get offered a 3 month probation period, whereby I can apply for a permanent position, it's a bit scary going in knowing I may not have a job in 6 weeks time or 4 months time but it will be money in the meantime and some more experience under my belt. My second interview is on Wednesday morning and should only go for 15 minutes, given the first went for over two hours I can't imagine there is much more ground to cover :) Oh well it's all character building.