Monday, June 1, 2009

Job Hunting News

I have had four interviews now. One with flight centre which was a no, One with the department of Housing and One with WAPol for which I am yet to hear from but not feeling overly confident and One with Centrelink for which I have progressed to a second interview this week, it feels good to have a small YES under my belt. I was getting pretty desperate and had dropped resumes off at the local shops and feeling positive about the chance of a night fill position, ok the hours are still appealing to me. Or even more than willing to settle for a check out chick position, anything really that can get a little bit more cash flow coming our way.
It's really getting disheartening at how long it is taking to find a job and to some extent I wonder if I am sabotaging myself, because deep down I know that where I want to be is at home with my girls. Unfortunately we need money to pay the bills, mainly the debts that we just can't seem to shake and until they're gone, I need to be working :(
The two jobs I'm waiting to hear back from were both panel interviews and I was so nervous that I kept getting muddled and having brain freezes, it was awful. The most recent interview was a one on one and I felt so much more at ease, the interviewer made it so much easier for me to relax and answer her questions with out turning into a bundle of nerves. I'm definitely in dire need of some interview practice and answering the interview questions, I'm so out of practice it isn't funny.
Thankfully I am feeling quite positive about the Centrelink job, except that it is only a 6 week temp position and then I may get offered a 3 month probation period, whereby I can apply for a permanent position, it's a bit scary going in knowing I may not have a job in 6 weeks time or 4 months time but it will be money in the meantime and some more experience under my belt. My second interview is on Wednesday morning and should only go for 15 minutes, given the first went for over two hours I can't imagine there is much more ground to cover :) Oh well it's all character building.

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  1. *hugs* I know how you feel, I applied for sooo many jobs before I got a full time job and I loathe interviews! I tend to get verbal diarrhoea!

    Good luck with the centrelink job, I have my fingers crossed for you!