Monday, June 1, 2009

Now you're cooking

OK, I admit I must be getting old, when I am getting excited about a kitchen appliance but OMG this isn't any ordinary kitchen appliance, this thing is amazing. It is the Thermomix and it is a revolution, although it comes with a price tag to match. I haven't quite gotten my head around the price which is why I can't exclaim that I am a proud owner, that doesn't mean I'm not doing the sums and trying to figure if it is in fact worth the dollars they are asking.

I went to a demo last Friday and in the 2 hour demo, the consultant served 6 dishes, a raspberry sorbet, a garlic and chive dip, a sundried tomato and olive focacia, coleslaw, mushroom risotto and lemon custard. The time it took to make these dishes was amazing and they all tasted bloody good. The sorbet was made in like 60 seconds, it chopped onion in a couple of seconds it was nuts. The machine does everything, baking a cake, no need to get out the scales, you can weigh things as you add them, how much easier is that. The machine chops, it beats, it mixes, it whips, it grinds, it kneads, it minces, it grates, it juices, it blends, it heats, it stirs, it steams and it weighs food. A mini kitchen all in one.

I seriously want one!!! I've told Andrew I'm going to have a demo, so he can check it out and see what he thinks, no way I'm committing to purchasing one of these without checking out with the money man first, I'm pretty sure she'd have him sold from the moment she whipped up the raspberry sorbet though. So Perth girls when I have my demo, you'll have to come check it out, no obligation to buy, just come share the good food with me and marvel at this appliance, lol. I'm also thinking of maybe, just maybe of becoming a consultant, a way to pay off the machine if we get one and eventually make some extra pocket money. I'm thinking about it, that's for sure :)

Trust me when you see this thing in action, you'll be like a little kid at a candy store, you may think you won't be, like I did last week, but look at me now, lol.


  1. If I am in Perth when you have your demo, I am there!

    I am still raving about it to anyone who listens! lmao.

  2. Looks interesting. How much are they?