Sunday, June 28, 2009

Op Shopping bargains aplenty!!!

Saturday I went on an op shopping mission, I was out looking for a second hand bike for Taleisha for Christmas, yes I know getting in early, nothing to be found in that department anyway. So will have to keep our eyes open for that one, hoping to pick on up cheaply, clean it up, give it a fresh lick of paint if needed and voila, nice new bike for Taleisha for a fraction of the cost. But I digress.

My other mission was to find some nice pants that I could wear to work, that one I did accomplish as well as a few extra bits and pieces. In all I bought 18 items for about $45, so that's about $2.60 per item, bargain!!! Unfortunately not everything fitted me, the joy of shopping with two kids and taking the gamble, alas I could do them up, just the bulge over the top wasn't pretty, so it is a goal to be in them by the end of the year. Also whilst boasting to hubby creature on the phone he requested that I get him some pants for work too. OMG shopping for guys suck, they have thirty different sizing scales. I almost bought some Hugo dress pants but couldn't work out the bloddy sizing and they looked they might be too small. Could have been my bargain of the century.

Anyway this is what I got.
  1. Osh Kosh Red Cord Dress size 2
  2. Nappy cover
  3. Spud Kids blue fleece dress size 2
  4. Table 8 brown jean pants size 16 (as new condition, don't look like they've ever been worn)
  5. Yellow wooden bumble bee pull along toy, so cute the wings flap as it moves
  6. Grey Alaska tshirt size 3
  7. Adams blue denim pinstripped overalls size 3
  8. Cattivo brown dress shoes
  9. Piping Hot green men's cargo pants size 34
  10. Millers green and brown long sleeve tie front shirt size 16
  11. Nicola Waite black and white print long skirt size 4 (assume it is equivalent to 16 as it fits me)
  12. Brown soft crinkle skirt size 14
  13. Target brown dress pants size 16
  14. Colarado aqua and beige skirt size 14
  15. Brown pinstripped pants size 14
  16. Lucy Law black dress pants size 16
  17. Spade
  18. Bananas and Pajamas raincoat size 4-5
(items 14-16 are my goal clothes, so hopefully I can accomplish it :) ) I really need to take a photo of the black and white skirt on it's own, it is gorgeous and so different, love love love it.

Next Saturday I plan on hitting a couple of different op shops, so fingers crossed I can find some nice work tops and maybe some more pants for work that aren't brown. Wasn't till I got home and had a good look at my stash that I saw how much brown I had, it seems to be my colour of choice at the moment.

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  1. Nice scores you got there! That reminds me I need to check out some of the local op shops in our area, too.

    Do you have one of the big Life Line furniture stores near you? They might have bikes for sale in them. Maybe check out trading post, Gumtree, and local newspaper too? I hope you find one at a good price.