Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Stupid Thornlie Leisureworld

Grrr I'm extremely mad with the girls swim school and yes I just named and shamed you in Cyber space Thornlie Leisureworld.

With me starting work I am unable to take them to their class during the week. We have to pay in term blocks up front, so they are paid up until the end of term and I asked about changing them to a class on the weekend. They refused to do it this late in the term, what the fuck, I've damn well paid for those classes. What makes it worse was Miss T was sick today, so I kept her home, so now that the swimmig school has all but cancelled the girls lessons, they won't be going swimiming for ages if we stay with this school. I am bloody fuming.

Apparently all they can do for me is to credit my account for next term, minus a $14 administration fee, fuck knows what they're administrating because as far as I can see they've done bloody nothing, highway freaking robbery. And hopefully I can get a spot on Saturday, after all the others have been given an opportunity to re-enrol. I am unable to fathom why they just couldn't have transferred them into the Saturday classes, it is winter, the classes aren't full, it would not have inconvenienced any bloody one.

I'm sad for my girls because they both love swimming and now due to this admins stupid incompetencies they are going to miss out for nearly two months, not fucking happy. If it wasn't for the fact that I and the girls really like their instructors I would have told them to stick their school up their arse. That said now that I'm home and still pretty pissed I've found a swim school that is even closer to home and am going to go check it out this afternoon when Miss Mackenzie wakes up from her afternoon nap. Hoping that they don't use floaties and that Miss Taleisha does not need parental involvement and if they're both yeses, I think we will definitely change schools, especially given it is half the distance from home compared to the other place and well I'm too bloody angry to be forgiving to Thornlie Leisureworld even if the girls do get spots next term on Saturday.
*update 10/6/09*
We checked out Seadragonz at Forrestdale yesterday afternoon and that looks really good. It goes for 50 weeks of the year, breaks for a couple of weeks over Christmas. It is tiny, only three laned 15 metre pool but seems so much better for the kids and there is plenty of seating right next to the pool for parents, grandparents etc. Plus after the lesson they can look at the horses in the paddock next door. When you're driving there you really wouldn't have a clue that there is a swimming pool, in the middle of paddock country. Same philosophies as Thornlie, they've got the Swim Australia tick of approval so no floaties, which is a big plus for me. Also it is so much closer to home, it's just off the intersection of Armadale Road and the Tonkin hwy, stones throw distance. Less than half the travel distance.

You do need to wear swimming caps though, it's apparently to keep the pool cleaner and reduce the use of chemicals. Thank fully we have a swimming cap for T, it's just well stored, in other words need to find it. They're OK with the use of cloth swim nappies, another tick. No lollies or junk being sold, another tick. I think we will definitely moving the girls, need to try and get some money back from Thornlie and then the money needed to enrol the girls in Seadragonz and then we can kiss Thornlie the "F" goodbye :)


  1. That is bullshit! I totally understand your frustration. Write the manager a nasty letter, that's what I always do, makes me feel better!

  2. Kat, we've stopped going there for the rest of this term. They've changed our teacher half way through the term, and the new one believes they have to work for the play toys or they don't get them, they spend half the lesson freezing on the side of the pool while she explains technique (they're only 2 years old!), and she spends more time telling the parents they're teaching their children bad habits then teaching the kids how to swim! I got 'told off' last week for holding my daughter's hand to help her out of the pool!!
    For the first time in 2 years of swimming lessons, M has told me she doesn't like it and wants to go home as soon as the lesson starts :(
    Not happy here either.

  3. Well all of you, I have been going to Seagragonz for 2 years. Let me tell you, your kids will get nowhere. The swim teachers arent pushed enough to do the right thing. The lesson plans stay the same for months on end. They are just out of their teens lazy brats. Your school is only as good as your worst teacher. Also they won't move your children up easily since the longer it takes your child to get a level .... the more money you pay!!!! Its the biggest rip off I have ever come across. My child was in level 2 going for level 3 at Seadragonz, they assessed him and said he isnt good enough to move up. Then he does school swim lessons and not only does he get level 3 but he gets level 4, learning parts of level 5. That is a big fkn difference. He swims the full length of a 50 m pool overarm breaststroke backstroke and he still wasnt good enough for them to pass level 3. Who the fuk do they think they are!!!!!!!!!!!! Expect to be disappointed!!!! or at least your child will be. My child son was getting a complex from that joint!!!!!!!!!!!!!telling him he's not good enough!!!!!!!!! PHUK them. He said he tries so hard....i say i know you do and your effort is more than enough for me. That school opened for 2-3 yrs so far wont last long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It all looks fun and games but I am not paying $106 per month for 2 kids to playabout. I know its all about swimming to have fun........IF YOUR NOT GETTING RIPPED AND YOUR CHILD IS HAPPY. My child started telling me he didnt like swimming. Then i realised it was just them.