Thursday, June 11, 2009

We survived

The girls and I surprisingly survived my first day back with no incidents.

The drop off went really smoothly, Taleisha took off into the play area with barely a glance back at mummy. Mackenzie wasn't completely sure but she did go to the child care worker and waved goodbye to mummy and daddy as we left without a tear. There was no tears from mummy either but I was definitely not happy, good old mummy guilt.

Caught the train into the city in the pissing down rain and got to the office half hour early, no stress I bought my uni studies, so just did my reading for this week. There was 15 other new recruits with me and we all set in for a big day. I hit it off really well with two of the women there which was awesome well except for when we were split into two groups and we were seperated, damn. My partner in crime in respect to snide comments and observations was seperated, lol. By mid afternoon my head was throbbing, I had the headache to beat all headaches, it was so painful. Think it probably had a lot to do with the lights, it was really unbearable, will be taking the panadol to dose up with tomorrow.

I had a few issues with my introductory trainer but nothing personal, I just don't agree with some of the ways she says things, especially the need to tell a story and then para phrase that same story another three times immediately after the other. It was quite draining to listen to. I also wasn't impressed with the way she referred to her experienced workers in a derogatory way in some instances, I found it really disrepectful. So for once I'm actually going to be able to make some comments on those silly feedback forms they give you at the completion of training courses. My group trainer seems really nice and am looking forward to actually knuckling down and learning what I'm supposed to be doing.

The train trip home was long, I fet so drained, it had been a long day, I still had the headache from hell and I just wanted to see my girls so bad. When I got to childcare, I could hear Mackenzie grizzling, she'd apparently only been grizzling for about half an hour and was no longer having a bar of the bottle and was refusing anything else. I was the instant cure, as soon as I picked her up, the grizzling miraculously stopped. Taleisha didnt even notice me come in, feel the love. The girls both ate well, apparently Taleisha ate all her fruit and vegetables, yeah that would be right, Mackenzie drank from her bottle (cow's milk) and ate lots, cloth nappies were fine and staff had no issues with them. Taleisha didn't sleep, so she was knackered and hungry by the time I got there at 5.45 p.m. and Mackenzie had a small nap as she was woken by some of the older kids.

So all in all the girls had a really good day. However tomorrow I plan to be a little more organised, thinking I might get some risotto out of the freezer and send it to daycare with the girls so they can have dinner before I pick them up, poor things were starving when we got home and I had nothing prepared, Taleisha ended up having biscuits, bad mummy.

I have my fingers crossed that drop off goes as smoothly but have a sinking feeling that Mackenzie might not go so well, knowing that I'm not going to be coming back straight away, hoping for no tears.


  1. Sound like not a disastrous first day - you'll have a routine licked in no time - welcome back to the workforce xx

  2. Glad to hear that the first day wasn't too bad Kat! Hopefully today is even better.

  3. First day is usually the hardest! Hope second day has gone well.