Saturday, June 20, 2009

Weekend Mission

Man oh man, what a big week. But now that leaves a weekend with so much to do and with so little time to do it. So I'm going to write a list and systematically work my way through it, room by room. The house needs a massive clean, it's doing my head in, so girls permitting this is my plan for the weekend.

Main Bedroom
change sheets done
dust window seels
clean windows
vacuum floor done
clean skirting boards and door frames
tidy bed side and dressing table done

Ensuite bathroom
clean shower cubicle done
change bin done
wash towels and bath mat done
assemble washing basket
wash dirty clothes done
clean sink and bench (remove all junk off top and put away)
mop floor

sort toys (and cull) done (besides cull)
clean play kitchen
clean window
wipe down skirting boards
vacuum floor done

change bin done
clean and put dishes away done
remove clutter from benches done
sweep and mop floors
wipe stove top
clean oven

Dining room
clear clutter off dining table done
sweep and mop floor

Lounge room
sweep and vacuum floor
put away toys done
clear clutter off entertainment unit
tackle Mt Foldmore done

sweep and vacuum have swept

Spare room
vacuum floor
clean computer desk

Wash towels done
sort out bath toys
clean sink
sweep and mop floor
change kitty litter done

sweep and mop floor (toilet incl) swept
clean toilet
tackle washing (sheets, clothes and nappies) 3rd load on the go now
clear off top of washing machine

Mackenzie's room
change sheets done
clean up dressing table done
wipe window seel and door frame
vacuum floor

Taleisha's room
change sheets done
clean books and toys off floor done
wipe window seel and door frame
clean down the side of her bed
vacuum floor

take clothes off the line done - but have put 2 more on since :)
clean up toys
sweep patio

Other things to do this weekend
pick up some groceries to make cookies (and other needed items) done
bake cookies with Taleisha
cook up some meals for during the week
write shopping list for next pay
work out a routine for during the week to keep on top of the housework

I don't think I am going to get it all done this weekend but as long as I can knock over the majority of it, it should make my life easier during the week, especially if we can maintain it. Will probably need to sort a list out for the hubbard person to, so he knows what needs doing on his days off with the girls. Take some of the work off my hands. He didn't manage much beyond looking after the girls this week, so hopefully he can actually manage to do a load of washing or something next week.

Not too sure how I'm going to get to the shops either, it is pissing down with rain and the car is with Andrew today, damn.

Well better get off here otherwise I'm not going to get anything done.

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  1. WOW that is a massive list Kat!

    I definitely think you need to get Andrew to do some things when he is off during the week. Might be worth having x is responsible for and y is responsible for. We do that I don't even work full time :)