Sunday, June 28, 2009

What a week

My first full week of work, man am I exhausted. It's amazing how accustomed I was to the freedom of my stay at home mum life, the ability to start our day when ever we felt like it. The need to be out of bed, dressed, breakfasted and out of the house by 8am is doing my head in. However I am getting super organised with the girls. Daycare bags packed and the next days clothes out the night before. Makes for a little less running around in the morning.

Thankfully the girls have adjusted really well. They especially Taleisha, love daycare, thanking the gods for that one, makes my adjustment so much easier knowing that they are happy and well. I believe that Taleisha has then all wrapped around her little finger, she has a knack for that. She also had her first nap during the day in yonder years, thought the evening would be awful but she was still in bed as per usual. The staff commented that she just goes and goes, yeap that's my girl, weil except for the fact she is currently vegging on the couch next to me watching Strawberry Shortcake.

I think the only person struggling with the adjustment is Andrew, I do believe he has just been given a crash course in what my life has been like for the past 13 months and he is drowning. The girls are definitely full on, especially when Mackenzie is being her cling on self. However I worked around that and would just throw her in a sling or a wrap and work around it, he doesn't grasp that concept. I guess for now as long as the girls are fed and happy when I get home then I am ok, just disappointed that the washing, folding, sweeping and every other chore is left for me, definitely eats away at my time off with the girls too. I'm going to give him a mini list of things for him to tackle this week when it is days off, so he'll have some focus. Fingers crossed.

I finally started my assignment this week and I am really struggling to get my head around it, the serious lack of motivation and my extreme ability in the art of procrastination probably isn't helping. I have written 677 words, only another 700 or so to go, so just under half way. Hopefully I'll be able to knock it over tonight.

Friday night I caught up with some dear friends, it had been ages since I'd seen them, ok it was probably only a couple of weeks, but given I haven't been able to go to morning teas or anything since starting work, two weeks for us us quite a long time :) We had some yummy scrummy pizza and some really bad frozen dessert that was just so good. Just thinking about it now I'm getting hungry.

Friday I was also stunned to hear of Michael Jackson's passing, I still can't believe that he is dead. Seems so surreal. I am enjoying the fact that all his classic songs have been resurrected and played on the radio again, such great music and I find myself cranking the radio to sing along. And another Farrah Fawcet, may she rest in peace and finally free of pain.

Saturday, I went shopping with the girls, we hit the op shop in search of a bike for Taleisha (no luck with that one) and some new work clothes for me. I ended up coming home with a mega haul but will do another post to show off my wares.

This weekend draws my mega week to an end and I am finally seeing the other side of the washing pile. I have the last load in the dryer at the moment. Everything needs to go in the dryer at the moment as with the wind and rain we've had over the last week, nothing is drying on the line. I've managed to clear the mountains of folded piled clothes off the back of the couch and put them away, I'm really not sure if anyone in this house realises how the clothes make it from the bathroom floor to the lovely clean folded pile on the bed.

So this lovely sunday afternoon sees me enjoying a few quiet minutes on the net, whilst Mackenzie snoozes and Taleisha's eyes turn square whilst she stands centimetres away from the tv watching Strawberry.


  1. Yay, nice to hear you survived it. A has no idea what I do all day in fact I think he just thinks I just surf the net and the washing, cooking, cleaning fairy comes in daily and the kids look after themselves largely. My bugbear at the moment...!

    Busy life but I'm glad you have got even just a few minutes of time to come in and tell us what you're up to! xx

  2. You must be incredibly busy!!! Well done for coping though, and the list is a great idea. Sometimes they just don't see the mess!