Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Been hitting the op shops...

pretty bloody hard of late. I am in need of a complete wardrobe refit due to my new job in an office, I need office attire, something I have never ever needed to worry about in my life, I've always had a uniform for as long as I can remember. Given our serious lack of funds, I have been turning to the op shops to help me acquire the refit and so far I have been doing really well, even if I have a tendancy to drift towards all shades of brown.

I do however have one gripe, it would be so much easier if my local op shops actually shelved the clothes according to size not iggly piggly all over the place, it would make my trawling so much easier and I might actually find more for myself. That however is the funny thing, I can go to the shops the set mission to buy myself a new shirt and come home with things for the girls but nothing for me for a varying range of reasons, but at the op shops I will undoubtedly come home with at least one piece for me, YAY!!!

So a quick summary of my shopping from the last week.
For me:
2 pairs of jeans - $5
1 skirt - $1.50
1 jumper - $1.50
2 pairs of trousers - $3
1 cardigan - $1
2 shirts - $6
Total: $18

I also got a few bits and bods for the girls as usual (winter dresses, cardigans, wooden toys, videos etc), picked up a pair of denim Mark and Spencer capris for my sister and a pair of Jag jeans for Andrew as well.

I think I'm getting really good at finding some awesome little numbers and can not fathom why I ever paid full price for anything. Such a waste of money, at least I know better now. I'm even going in with a plan of attack lately, i must really be turning into an op shop missioner :) Was quite sad yesterday though, as I had seen a pair of deep blue doc martens in pristine condition at my local op shop last week, went in, they were still there, my heart does a double beat, try the bloody things on and they don't fit, I think I could have cried. NOT FAIR!!! The lady said she didn't know what it was about those shoes, she's had so many people try them on but no takers, I can tell you, they're made for pixies, tiny tiny feet, and I have small feet.

I did however happily boast today that the outfit I wore to work today cost me a massive $2.50, can't complain about that :) I also love the comments I get for the clothes I wear and the comments I get when I tell people where I have bought things from and how much they cost me, although I should start to keep things to myself otherwise I'll have an army of people trawling my local oppies and I won't be able to find anything.

LOL I am an op shop addict, oh no!!!!


  1. You're doing so well with this Kat. I know at least one of local ones has things sorted by size. Haven't been in there for a while though so not sure what they're like now

  2. Yeh that's my grip with op shops too - sorting by type of clothes isn't quite enough when you've got kid/s in tow!! I never have time to try stuff on, so if I like it I buy it and take it home and hope for the best!