Sunday, August 2, 2009

Teething Machine

Miss Mackenzie is cutting 6 teeth at once, the poor little mite. Currently making their way upwards are her lower lateral incisors (2) and her upper and lower first molars (4). They've all cut through the gums and those molars caused her all sorts of grief, she was so miserable. So all up now she has 12 teeth, no wonder everything has been going into her mouth again :)
And in other milestone news, Miss Mackenzie pulled herself up to standing this morning for the first time, yippee, she was so chuffed with herself, as was Taleisha and I, although by the time I got the camera sorted she had fallen to her bottom, damn. Funny thing is Taleisha she is so proud of her little sister, everytime she crawls or stands (as of today) she exclaims "kenzie's crawling, well done" and claps her hands, it's so cute!!!

How did I do that?

I think in the last two months I have lost at least 5 kilos, awesome but how on earth did I do it???

I had set a goal to lose 10 kilos this year, only problem is when I set the goal, I didn't write down my starting weight. I'm pretty certain that it was fluctuating somewhere between 88 kilos and 90kilos.

Well this morning I hopped on the scales and they read 65.7 kilos, umm I knew I'd been sick but not to the point I'd lost that much weight, reset the scales and they read 80.5 kilos, that's a loss of at least 10 kilos since the start of the year and definitely at least 5 in the last couple of months. The only change to my routine has been work, I'm still eating what I want, maybe a little more fruit than before but probably more cakes and junk food, my office wins the title for the best morning teas :) So instead of getting the centrelink spread like I was advised was possible, here I am losing weight. Hopefully what ever I am doing keeps working for about 10 more kilos and I would be at my goal weight for the first time in like centuries!!!

The List Revisited - take 2

Back in early January I posted a list of things I would like to achieve before the end of the year that I turned 29 in, which would funnily enough be this year. :) see the original blog entry here
We are now well and truly half way through the year, given it is now August, I figured it was high time I revisited the list and see how I was getting on.

So here is the list revisited.

1. Excersie for 30 minutes at least 5 days a week. - one word for you SLACKARSE!

2. Lose 10kgs - I think I have but doh I don't think I recorded my starting weight anywhere, whoops.

3. Plant a portable herb/vegie patch - still no action here.

4. Read 50 books - I think I've read 20, can't see me getting anymore in unless uni readings count.

5. Blog regularly - not blogging quite as regularly anymore but still reasonably frequently, I think i have three posts planned for today.

6. Obtain my Austswim qualifications - not enough money and lack of time, so no.

7. Spend more time with my family - work has taken a huge chunk out of my time with the girls but I do try to do things with them onthe weekend. We went to Freo yesterday and today Taleisha and I plan to make cookies.

8. Get professional family photos taken - done, and I have booked the girls in again to try and get a nice one of the two of them.

9. Spend less - DONE not using credit cards, have been using layby if needed and for the most part I have been op shopping, so saving heaps of money there.

10. Be more concious of my environmental footprint - getting there trying to reuse and buy second hand where I can. My whole work related wardrobe has been bought from op shops or from friends having clean outs. Recycling everything that can be.

11. Get my hair cut and coloured - not yet, what a slacker.

12. Eat less takeaway food - a lack of funds has been a blessing in disguise for this one.

13. Use my sewing machine - DONE I did for awhile, made some gorgeous things but it has been gathering dust the last few months, it is on my list of things to do today I have a dress to finish for Mackenzie and I have a pair of trackpants to make.

14. Make a large painting for our lounge room - no, but Lesley step mum has given me a massive canvas that she painted of Maslin Hill. Lovely colours.

15. Take Taleisha and Mackenzie to the Zoo - yes

16. Take Taleisha and Mackenzie to the Aquarium - nope, we had full intentions but got sidetracked with the Harbour instead :)

17. Do something every week that is just for me - does working count, I've also been going to a movie/games night every few weeks or so with the gorgeous womyn in my life but the girls are usually with me.

18. Go to the movies at least once without the girls - I've still only been the once.

19. Start Christmas shopping early and have it finished before the mad season starts - will need to wait until I've got all my laybys off but I think the kids in the family and Andrew are finished, YAY!!!

20. Make new friends - since moving to Perth I have made some really good friends, very happy.
21. Keep in contact more with old friends - I'm so slack!!! it is on the list of things to do today!!

22. Read more to my girls - not so much at the moment, I'm getting slack with being back at work but with the new songs and things Taleisha is sayingg I think daycare are well and truly covering this one.

23. Go on a family holiday - the girls and I went away for a few days with friends to Dunsborough, not quite a "family" trip but it was fun.

24. Transition my baby girl into cloth overnight - DONE

25. Get Taleisha to eat more fruit and vegetables, this may prove harder than it looks - not pushing this one but daycare assures me she eats everything she is served whilst there, that would be right.

26. Try a new recipe at least once a fortnight - I think we're still doing this, getting slack though but I'm still counting it as DONE

27. Relax more - hmmm I try but being back at work 5 days a week now, it only leaves the weekend to get things done, so our weekends are really go, go, go.

28. Go to the beach - a couple of trips to Freo, visited Scarborough and Hillarys, went swimming at the boat harbour at Hillarys, well Taleisha did. DONE

29. Work out a five year plan - still no real direction here, eek
I somehow can't see me crossing everything off, might have to turn it into a two year list :)