Sunday, August 2, 2009

How did I do that?

I think in the last two months I have lost at least 5 kilos, awesome but how on earth did I do it???

I had set a goal to lose 10 kilos this year, only problem is when I set the goal, I didn't write down my starting weight. I'm pretty certain that it was fluctuating somewhere between 88 kilos and 90kilos.

Well this morning I hopped on the scales and they read 65.7 kilos, umm I knew I'd been sick but not to the point I'd lost that much weight, reset the scales and they read 80.5 kilos, that's a loss of at least 10 kilos since the start of the year and definitely at least 5 in the last couple of months. The only change to my routine has been work, I'm still eating what I want, maybe a little more fruit than before but probably more cakes and junk food, my office wins the title for the best morning teas :) So instead of getting the centrelink spread like I was advised was possible, here I am losing weight. Hopefully what ever I am doing keeps working for about 10 more kilos and I would be at my goal weight for the first time in like centuries!!!

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