Sunday, August 2, 2009

Teething Machine

Miss Mackenzie is cutting 6 teeth at once, the poor little mite. Currently making their way upwards are her lower lateral incisors (2) and her upper and lower first molars (4). They've all cut through the gums and those molars caused her all sorts of grief, she was so miserable. So all up now she has 12 teeth, no wonder everything has been going into her mouth again :)
And in other milestone news, Miss Mackenzie pulled herself up to standing this morning for the first time, yippee, she was so chuffed with herself, as was Taleisha and I, although by the time I got the camera sorted she had fallen to her bottom, damn. Funny thing is Taleisha she is so proud of her little sister, everytime she crawls or stands (as of today) she exclaims "kenzie's crawling, well done" and claps her hands, it's so cute!!!

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  1. Jeremiah just cut 4 teeth at once, both my kids did teething in blocks bad at the time for everyone involved, but maybe better in some respects?

    Sorry for being so absent, I lost everyones links, & then we moved house & had no internet, but I'm back and ready to waste time lol