Friday, March 12, 2010

30 Reasons to visit Hong Kong

30. To visit a place that is world's apart from home but only about an 8 hour plane trip away.

29. experiencing new cultures

28. Mall hopping

27. Noah's ark

26. The skyline and amazing skyscrappers in it

25. The star ferry

24. Nature parks and the greenery immersion, beautiful.

23. Can experience the amazement of Macau in a day

22. A stones throw from mainland China

21. Playgrounds aplenty for the kids

20. Stanley Market

19. Temple Street Night market

18. The chocolate fountain at Cafe Kool, I am so there, wonder if I can bring my own Keg :)

17. catch a glimpse at colourful Chinese dancing

16. Repulse Bay, the name may not sound inviting but the beautiful seaside area is just gorgeous

15. Jumbo Kingdom, a massive floating Chinese Restaurant

14. Dim Sum, yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum

13. Temples

12. Ngong Ping 360, if we leave our scaredy cat selves at home.

11. The Giant Buddha

10. The Symphony of lights splendor

9. Ocean Park

8. See the giant pandas

7. Peak Tram ride

6. Victoria Peak, the cherry on top after the tram ride up

5. Shopping, Shopping and oh shopping

4. I know I've mentioned this one a little bit earlier but the food, OMG the food, drooling about it now, just thinking about it.

3. Experiencing a new culture and soaking it all up.

2. Disneyland, after all I am a big kid at heart and with small kids, a pocket sized Disneyland is a perfect park for our first experiene of the Disney brand.

and the number one reason for visiting Hong Kong???


I have been planning my 30th birthday holiday for a little while now and although it has taken on a few different transformations, I am extremely happy with our final plans and can not wait until November so we can go, is my 30th seriously that far away!!! I want to go today :)

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