Sunday, March 21, 2010

All packed and ready to go...

well I should be but alas I am not. I'm sure I will still be trying to throw things into my suitcase Thursday night before I go to bed.
Are you a person that tends to packed weeks before you go or are you a last minute throw what ever you can reach into a bag just before you walk out the door for the airport packer?

For me I find that I am neither but somewhere in between. I do like to be organised and will have the suitcases out quite early (this time round I didn't bother putting them away, mega slack, but in my defence we did get back from Bali mid February, so what if I didn't need them again until the last weekend of March) and will start to throw things in almost immediately as I come across them. Only problem is sometimes there is no clear direction which leads me right up to the night before, were I have usually upturned the entire suitcase. This is the moment I think packing truly begins as I cull the stuff I have accumulated over the weeks and do the final pack ready to go the next day.

So not entirely the last minute for me and I do have good intentions to be much more organised. So how would you describe your packing timing?

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