Thursday, March 18, 2010

call me crazy...

but I'm seriously contemplating a solo trip abroad and crossing something off my "one day list" before I will be classified as too old and decrepid for it, a Contiki tour of Europe, I must be insane just thinking about it.

I know people out there don't think too highly of Contiki and I've read some negative perceptions of constant partying and drinking, but I think I'm prepared to take the risk. I feel that if I leave it and only ever dream about doing it, I am going to regret it later on. One thing huby is already too old and decrepid, so he will have to stay home with the kids, hence the solo trip, what a shame. Although it would be the first time I would have been away from my girls for any significant length of time (and I'm only talking probably two and a half weeks) but will that be too long, maybe I should do a quick weekend trip away as my first experience, woot two solo trips what a fabulous idea.

I have also taken this from the dreaming stage and into the realm of possibility in the last month or so, I've been doing my research, I've got a brief idea of when I plan on going, I know exactly which tour I want to go on and most importantly I broached the subject with the hubby. Now I can't say he was over the moon with the idea, he wants to come too after all but he is definitely entertaining the idea of me disappearing to the other side of the country for a couple of weeks whilst he would play house husband to the girls.

So my tentative (still technically at dreaming stage) plans are to head off some time between September 2011 and April 2012. The tour that I'm thinking is going to best suit my travel plans is the European Highlights it takes me to all those places that have been on my must visit list and more all within a nice tight compact two week period. London is also calling and given my tour (yes, my!!! I'm taking ownership of this dream) I think it would be silly not to do a couple days sight seeing in England too, don't you think???

It's makes me all excited with anticipation just thinking about it.

Contiki me happy!!!



  1. hey Kat. If you are seroius about a tour through Europe and not so keen on the partying with 18-21year olds there is another tour comany called Kumuka. I went to europe with them late last year and they were cool. The average age of the tour would be about 25/26 and if you did want to party all night, there were always a few keen people. I did a 21 day trip but there are also shorter trips. its like contiki but with an age range of 18-55.

  2. Thanks Cat, I think there is something about the Contiki concept that lures me in. I don't know as much as I really want to go, I don't know if I could seriously leave my girls behind for that amount of time, I know it would only very likely be three weeks, but given I haven't been aways from both girls more than a weekend, that's a huge chunk of time. Argh maybe it will just be a crazy little dream but I might just go check out Kumuka, I guess that gives me an extra 30 plus years to get around to it LOL