Saturday, March 13, 2010

Our new wheels

We have a stroller, and it's sole purpose in life is for when we travel, whether that be overseas or domestically on flights or on road trips. It is was small and compact and folded down into it's only little carry bag, it was our quicksmart stroller and it was great whilst it lasted. sadly we've down a little bit of using and abusing of that poor stroller and frankly it is no longer cutting the mustard, thus it will now be retired to pram heaven, aka Nanna's shed :)

This retirement led me on the long arbious task of finding a suitable replacement to our Quicksmart. After using the Quicksmart, we were aware of it's shortcomings, and I was not prepared to get another one, with a four year old who still desires to pushed around on occasion on her throne we needed something sturdy and easy to manouveur whilst she was in it just as easily as when miss almost 2 is in it. I quizzed anyone I could on what they would recommend as their perfect travel companion stroller and came up with a few suggestions, I googled until I could google no more and I baby shopped (something that has been out of my system for quite some time, oh all that gorgeous manchester, no I do not need anymore cot sheet sets!!!)

So after all my research, one stroller had me sold...and the winner was the Quinny Zapp. We took it for a test drive today with miss four and it was like I was pushing a new born in this stroller (not that you would, it is after all for 6 months+). It was so easy, no tugging to turn or to get it to go in the direction you actually want to go, didn't feel like it was going to collapse on you (I did say we had used and abused our quicksmart LOL not quite built for shopping and bags to go on the handlebars). Like the quicksmart it has no storage but I'm going to get a net bag to clip onto the back of it to give us a little storage and anything else we need to carry will have to go into a backpack.

Now for the all important decision and one I spent sometime pondering over, colour. Now I did pick a different colour than the one we did eventually decide on going on but managed to convince myself that spending more money on a stroller purely because of colour choice was kudicrous, so we've gone with cobalt blue and it's actually quite nice. Can't wait to pick our new baby up, need to rehome some of our current wheels first, our house is turning into a pram/stroller museum :) Looking forward to christening our new baby in Hong Kong in November, can't wait!!!

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