Saturday, March 13, 2010

Staycation: Perth Zoo

Staycation is a term I heard last week and it resounded with me, I like that idea, so here I am blogging all about it. Staycation means vacationing in your own home town and although I have no intention of going to the extreme of taking off into a hotel for a week to see the sights of Perth, we do however like to take the kids out and experience new places and even some old ones, which is what I think staycation means to me, seeing and experiencing the things that make your hometown special with your family.

Last weekend whilst getting ready for the day, we made a spur of the moment decision to take the girls to the zoo, so we packed a picnic lunch (always a winner with our girls and on the purse strings) and off to the zoo we went. Much to our surprise it was a hive of activity, there were strollers everywhere, obviously we weren't the only ones that thought this Sunday was a perfect day for a trip to the zoo.

Once inside the zoo grounds it always a joy to see the pure delight on your children's faces, although dear hubby and I did have to raise our eyebrows whilst our dear 4 year old excitedly pointed out all the drains to us. Hmmm think she might enjoy a trip to the drain factory :) Or miss almost 2 stopping and pointing out all the twigs, we did come to see the animals, I think.

Madargascan Marvel

Highlights of our visit were the tortoises and sun bears, miss 4 was very impressed with both of these, the sun bears were so cute I'm sure they wouldn' have noticed if we brought them home,other good sights were the lions escaping the sun lying right down next to the viewing window, the snakes, who were unusually all on the move and a family favourite the elephants.

If you want to check out Perth Zoo click on the link.

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