Saturday, March 20, 2010

Swimming Superstar

A very proud mummy moment today.

Whilst at swimming I was oblivious to the fact that my 4 year old daughter's swimming teacher felt she was ready to go up to the next level, I still thought she had a good couple of months at her current level, even though I knew since returning from Bali, that her swimming confidence and skills had just grown in leaps and bounds.
She wasn't the most switched on child today but through all her fluffing about she managed to meet the required skills and showed off her beautiful freestyle arms. So I am now the proud mumma of a sea drangonz level 5 little girl and she is a very proud owner of her little merit certificate. Doesn't she look pretty chuffed with her efforts.

So very very very proud of my little girl. I know she will do well in her new class and hope she has a teacher just as awesome as her previous one. Thank you Tara, Taleisha is going to miss having you as her swimming teacher.

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  1. She is a gorgeous little mermaid.=)

    and hey, thanks for the linky love.