Friday, April 30, 2010

Photo 10

The basics of “Photo #10″ are to:
Open the first/oldest photo folder in your computer library
Scroll to the 10th photo
Post the photo and the story behind it
Tag 5 or more people to continue the thread

The oldest album on my laptop which is the computer I just happen to be using at the moment is from our honeymoon in October 2002. We honeymooned in Mauritius, a small island just off the east coast of Africa. An absolutely beautiful location. This photo is take at the hotel we stayed at, the Les Pavillion. When you walk into the main entrance of the hotel, it overlooks this pool straight to the beach. The pool was definitely the central point of the hotel, with the restaurant giving spectacular views of the pool, beach and mountains.

I have fond memories of relaxing in the pool, playing bocce in the sand nearby and sitting in deck chairs sipping on tropical cocktails out of coconut shells soaking up my magnificient surroundings.

Ok, I'm not going to tag anyone, but feel free to give it a go, I've enjoyed my little walk down memory lane. It's great looking at old photo albums and remembering all the ssensations you experienced the first time.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Do I have to wait?

Now do I seriously have to wait until November, Taleisha was adamant today that we are going to Hong Kong tomorrow, oh wouldn't that be nice. I love listening to both girls talk about going to Hong Kong, thay are just as excited as me.

I love that they have a real passion for travel. Taleisha's latest game at the moment is packing her bags, grabbing a seat in the loungeroom pretending she is waiting for a plane, she then brings her bag to Andrew and I to check, it is so bloody cute. Jetsetter much?

Only 193 sleeps to go, still over half a year to go, I'm going to go crazy in anticipation waiting for this trip!!!

What a beautiful weekend!!

This weekend has been absolutely amazing and it has not even finished yet. Afterall today is a public holiday, a three day weekend, can't complain too much there. Even if I manage to do nothing but housework today this weekend would have to rate as one of our best weekends ever.
Now I'm sure you're wondering what we did to make this weekend so amazing, truly it wasn't much, we didn't venture too far afield, on Saturday we still had to do our weekly errands that us poor Monday to Fridayers need to do on the weekend, like visit the post office and take the girls to their swimming lessons. Generally all stations as normal.

However I had been thinking about doing this for a little while, after Mackenzie woke from her afternoon nap I raided the freezer for old bread and then we scooped everyone up, headed for the local pond and fed the ducks. The pond is only 5 minutes around the corner from where we live and sadly this is the first time we have ever done this. The girls loved it, the ducks loved it (greedy little buggers). To say they had a smile on their face that stretched from one here to the other would be an understatement.
After all the bread was gone we picked up some takeaway Chinese (boneless lemon chicken, yummo!!!), headed home and had a picnic on the loungeroom floor whilst watching Avatar. It was so much fun and just watching Taleisha try all this food was a miracle. We have had a lot of problems with food with her, that everytime I see her try something without prompting, I feel so proud. (even if she is spitting it out once it has been in her mouth) She loved the fried rice, she ended up eating straight from the container, was too much work spooning it onto her plate.

Sunday morning I spent cataloguing the DVDs and games onto the excel spreadsheet, turns out hubby loves Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction, we have multiple copies of these. He will listen to me next time when he goes to buy a DVD and a tell him I'm pretty sure we already have that one at home. Nappy washing and dishes were also on our job list in the morning. Hubby also went out and cleaned up the inside of the car not that it stayed clean for long.

After a bit of discussion, hubby wanted to drive a couple of hours down to Margaret River for a look around, I vetoed that one for today and suggested we head down to Hilary's Boat Harbour. Taleisha wanted to go for swim, she loves the beach but is scared of the ocean. Hilary's is perfect as the harbour encloses what appears to be a man made beach and there are no waves barely a ripple. I'm pretty sure it is the waves and noise of the beach that scares her, which is why we love Hilary's so much, all the positives of a beach without the fear factor.

We went and got lunch first, picked up some bread, sauce and drinks at an IGA on the way and then some hot chips on arrival. Lunch consisted of chip buddies, perfect!!! The girls got changed into their bathers and we headed down to the beach. Taleisha was into the water without a seconds thought, Mackenzie on the other hand, walked all the way down to the waters edge, got her feet wet and freaked out. Walked back to the towels and then freaked out she had sand on her feet. She insisted she have her shoes put back on. Taleisha and her dad enjoyed a spot of sand castle making whilst Mackenzie and I entertained ourselves on the towels. Once the ritual sand castle smashing was complete, we packed up and went for a walk around the harbour. The girls got icecream, I got pop tarts, couldn't ask for much more, really was a glorious day.
Girls crashed in the car on the way home and managed to sleep the remainder of the afternoon away. Made for a late night for them, Taleisha didn't manage to settle down to sleep until a 11pm but wouldn't have had it any other way the weekend was fantastic!!Now what to do today? Maybe a stroll to the park, better not forget that housework either, fun fun :)
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Be prepared: that's my motto

So today is the 25th of April, 8 months exactly until Christmas and I am well and truly into Christmas shopping mode.
I like to start early, grab the bargains when I see them and pop the presents into the present box for up coming birthdays, special events and of course Christmas. My girls do tend to get a little spoilt this way as I don't feel the financial effect of leaving Christmas shopping right to the last minute and having to purchase everything at the last minute. I find I do alot online, so leaving things to the last minute isn't really viable.

So to scare all those that are still in denial about Christmas, this is what I have managed to cross off so far:

The Girls:
Junior Guitar
Tag Reading system (scored a mega bargain on this one - 60% off) Vtech Soar and Explore Globe (this one is still in my shopping cart but will be bought as soon as I get my CCB rebate).
Gymboree orange with white polka dot dress
Toughest mighty dump truck

Shayne & John
They will be getting a book each from Hagsson (might throw in a packet of pop tarts for John as well, he is a big addict like me).
I have no idea, only just got over his birthday, that was hard enough. I'm sure it will have something to do with Arsenal and soccer.
Roxy Perfume
Mini snap digi cam
Last four will very likely be clothes or light books as they need to be posted and all are kids under the age of 2.
wooden block train
The Parents:
nothing sorted as yet but the wheels are turning, will very likely do the annual calendar from the kids to the grandparents.

OMG no idea, LOL, good thing I am giving myself plenty of time to work things out. Thinking maybe some tickets back to Adelaide to see his family or maybe a ticket to a concert or soemthing early in the new year.

I've got my eye on a couple more pandora charms, will put them on layby in the next couple of months or so.

It's probably pretty anal however I feel by being super organised and starting early I do enjoy the hunt for the perfect gift all that much more, especially as I'm not having to beat the crowds at Christmas sales.

Anyone else out there who can lay claim to being just as organised as me? Are you just as bad with wrapping? I had our presents wrapped months in advance last year. :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lest we forget

Australian War Memorial, Canberra
They shall not grow old as we who are left grow old, Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn, At the going down of the sun and in the morning, We will remember them.
Anzac Day : 25th April 2010

McDonalds - A comedy of errors

I am sad to admit that our little family doesn't mind the odd visit to McDonalds for lunch but I struggle to undersand how it can be so difficult to get an order for two adults and two children out without any errors.

Our visit today, would hands down have to rate as one of the worse ever, we had four meals and not one of them was served how it had been ordered.

Our order was:

Mighty Angus Meal (No Onions) - the meal came out, with the special order docket on it but the red onions were still there smily back at us. We didn't send that one back, just dealt with it by removing the onion ourselves, too bad if we were allergic to this item and hence asking for it without it!!!

Crispy Chicken Ceasar Wrap Meal - came out with seared chicken and my drink was not quite as full as I would have liked it to be.

Happy Meal #1 cheeseburger (no pickles) - burger came out with the special order docket on it, opened and it had bacon in it, what the??? check the docket and it clearly states drive thru order, so we got someone else's burger, this one I take back and get fixed. No toy.

Happy Meal #2 chicken nuggets - really not too many places you can go wrong here, however again no toy, went and got that rectified to.

It was only after we had got the girls all fixed up with their meals and had them replaced, that we actually sat down to ours and later noticed more stuff ups, it was pretty much the reason why I didn't bother going back to whinge a second and third time. Just sucked it up and ate the bloody thing, but truly how hard is it, we were in before the lunch rush, so they weren't busy, and there was only four meals, so not a massive order on the scale of things.

I know it is only McDonalds but I do expect some quality of service, and frankly today was just not good enough, let me just say I will be sending them some unsavoury feedback, grrrrr.

Better late than never...

everyone knows that are I am intending to travel to Hong Kong in November to celebrate my 30th birthday and that this holiday is booked and deposit paid for.
Well with the crapola work situation, been stuck on the non-ongoing contract ride and not knowing what was happening one month to the next, I booked our holiday as I didn't want to wait and not be able to get what I want.
Recently I was successful in obtaining a permanent position with the same company, in the initial induction phase they told us that we were not able to take any leave for the first six months. Some quick maths and my trip was exactly seven months after the commencement date.
To say I was nervous is an understatement, I was so stressed that they would refuse my leave, I just had to hold my breath and hope for the best.
So one week into my induction training, I emailed in my leave request and thankfully, with a massive sigh of relief I got a confirmation email confirming my leave request.
Thank heavens for that. No idea what I would have done if they had refused it, gratefully that is not something I have to worry my little head about.
We are Hong kong bound, yeeeeeeeeeeeeehah!!!!

A Snapshot for Saturday

Waterbom Park, Kuta Bali
I loved loved loved Waterbom Park, as did my girls and husband. It was such a great set up and there was plenty for the little kids today. This ride here wasn't the most exciting or exhilarating of rides but it was definitely relaxing as we leisurely made our way around the park in our tube.
Highly recommend Waterbom Park to anyone who is visiting Bali, with or without children.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Foggy Fog

This morning we awoke to a lovely thick blanket of fog, or as my dear four year old stated, "no mum, it's not fog, it's foggy fog", thanks Dora the Explorer for that one. Fog has this wonderful but oddly serene quality to it, when I walked through it this morning, I could feel the thickness in the air, like I was walking in the clouds. I think I could have spent all morning until it started to lift drinking up the sensation, but alas I had to go to work, so pulled out the camera instead, which sadly never shows it to it's true effect. The fog was quite clearly visible right up to our mailbox.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Point and Shoot: Prettier than a picture

This weeks point and shoot is a selection of photos I took of my youngest enjoying one of her favourite past times, painting, but not just painting any old thing, my little girl is into SELF portraits, literally.
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Friday, April 16, 2010

Who are you?

and what have you done with my daughter? JK.

In the last two days my eldest has shown some amazing changes and transformations, it's incredible.

Ever since she was 18 months old we've been having food issues, she pretty much refused to eat anything except the plain of the plain. I tried all the tricks in the book to get things into her but in the end simply gave up, she has been eating plain spaghetti instead of spaghetti bolognaise when we've had dinner for about two years now. Last night she decided to try the sauce, major triumph, I am then told she asked for her own sauce and ate all of that. When I got home from work she was helping herself into my bowl, pasta meat sauce and all, this was unheard of, didn't know what to say.

Tonight I commented on what appeared to be a huge red smear along the side of her green jumper, she quickly told me it was pizza. Should have seen me do a double take. Asked what she had on the pizza and she came out with these comments "tomato" "I ate all my vegetables, they're in my tummy now" "I love tomato now" I was sitting there dumbfounded by happy, I do so hope we are finally turning a corner on this food thing, it has been a long uphill battle.

Then there was the discussion we had in the car on the way home from the train station, it was all about bugs, beetles, butterflies and worms and how they live in the ground and long grass and how they grow. Then there was the trees, they grow in the ground too. She is just coming out with so much information, she is truly a sponge and it just amazes me what she is learning about the world. Oh that's another thing, she refers to here and now as her world, she asks about her Aunty Kim's world as she lives in the country a plane ride away. It really is cute.

The most unsuspected thing was tonight, I asked her to put her dress ups away before she went to bed, as she had been playing with them and I think digging quite deep into the box. Went in to see how she was going and she was cleaning up the whole room, now this probably fits under her father's definition of clean more than mine, but I let her go, as she picked everything up off the floor and onto the couch, play kitchen or shelves. She has never cleaned up after herself without been asked first, if let go you normally can not make out the carpet on the floor in the playroom for all the toys. So it was definitely a pleasant surprise.

Photo Friday: Birthday special

It was my little brother's 15th birthday yesterday and to "celebrate" this week's photo friday is brought to you by Chris at his recent waterpolo comp held in Rockingham, of which we were lucky enough to catch a few games and me this photo. His team didn't win a game but he had an awesome time regardless of this fact.

Happy Birthday Chris!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Point and Shoot - Pedal Power

This weekend Taleisha was outside enjoying the last bit of sunshine before the clouds and rain set in this dreary Monday. She was having a bit of a riot of a time whilst she chased me down, as I quickly tried to snap a shot. I just love her face in this photo, pure evil delight, if only you could hear the laugh that came with this look.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010


This morning whilst we tossing up what we were going to do for today, we offered the choice to Taleisha, she excitedly suggested the movies. You know what, that sounded like a mighty fine idea. We've been wanting to see the new Dreamworks movie "How to train your dragon" since it came out, so a quick check of session times, a hurried shower and we were then packed and out the door.

A couple boxes of popcorn and a booster seat or two (make sure you check if your cinema has these, they are fantastic for the littlies) and we are all set to watch what I think was one of the best animated movies we've seen in quite some time.
Our girls were probably a tad young for this movie, well Mackenzie definitely was but us big kids (aka mum and dad) thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It had a beautiful story line and the animation itself was pretty good too, not out of this world but the style really suited the picture. My favourite part in this movie was when Hiccup first meets his dragon and the flying scene with Astrid, that one made me giggle too. Taleisha only liked the black dragon, the others were apparently too scary.
This movie definitely gets the two thumbs up from me. If you can, make sure you try and catch it whilst it is still in the cinemas, you'll thank me for it.
And parting words from Taleisha "Are there dragons in my world?"

Green with Envy

In the last couple of days I have heard that a couple of different friends will be embarking on the holiday that I have been daydreaming, wishing and hoping that I would have been doing this year for my 30th. My USA roadtrip 30th/Christmas celebration was going to be everything that I wanted and more but alas the budget just wasn't going to cut it this year or next really for that matter. Which meant disappointment and a change of plans.

Don't get me wrong I'm super excited about going to Hong Kong, however if money was no object I would be going to the USA in a heartbeat.

I'm very happy for my friends and do look forward to hearing about their trips, that unfortunately doesn't stop the little green monster rearing it's ugly head. For now I'll just have to be satisfied to live viracously through them, yeah right, one day one day, we'll get there.

Anyone got a spare $15000??? Okay maybe not, I'll wait not so patiently then. :)

{image by}

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Staycation: Armadale Reptile Centre

A couple of weeks ago we promised the girls a visit to see the lizards and snakes at Armadale Reptile Centre, I can't say I was overly impressed with what was on offer at the centre and if it wasn't for the fact we had a voucher, so only had to pay for one adult entry, I would definitely say it is not money well spent, at $15 each an adult, family pass for 2 adults and 2 children is $38 it is quite an expensive hour. However that said Taleisha and Mackenzie did enjoy the visit, even if it seriously took less than 40 minutes to cover the whole entire grounds and that included spending ample time at each exhibit/cage.

"Hello Mr Lizard"
There were quite a few lizards, many of the same spieces though, not that this phased Taleisha, she was just as happy and interested at each new tank and on the hunt to find the snake or lizard hiding within, she got exceptionally good at spotting them too.
"Look at that interesting specimen in there, it looks just like me"
There was a small walkin bird aviary inside, this cheeky bird thought hubby's hat was a perfect perch for him. Mackenzie was very taken by this development. There was a tawny frog mouth sitting on the railing as well that was enjoying lots of attention and back rubs. Can't recall much else in there though.
Outside was the crocodile tank, we managed to spot one, it was pretty hard to see much else in the green water and add to that the sun glare on the tank. There was another tank with a dozen or so turtles. Taleisha was very taken with this tank, she is in love with turtles at the moment, well ever since we suggested that when we reset the fish tank up that we were toying with the idea of getting a turtle. There was also some larger enclosures for the monitor lizards, we did mange to glimpse a couple but given it was so bloomin hot, they must of all been hibernating somewhere as there were alot of what appeared to be empty enclosures.
In addition to the snakes and lizards there was a large enclosure that encassed some emus and kangaroos, another with some dingoes and an eagle. That is pretty much the extent of the centre, so a little disappointing for me but the girls enjoyed it and I guess in the end that is all that matters.
Oh how could I possibly go without mentioning the ponies, my little miss was only too eagar to give this one a scratch on the back, and I don't think the pony was complaining. However the crazy duck wandering around on the other hand was a different story, watch your toes with that one.

So in short, it is a good quick place to take the kids, probably a little over priced given it's limited size, the kids will enjoy it and will be able to walk around the whole centre without getting tired, so you can leave the strollers behind. If you're looking to make a day trip out of it though, than this definitely isn't the place to go, max time spent here would be just over an hour and that includes dawdaling and rest time, so much better suited for a morning or afternoon visit.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Photo Friday: Broome Time

This is the beautiful view from the grass area looking out across Cable Beach, Broome WA. I took this photo in May 2005 when we visited for huubby's 30th birthday.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Last day

Friday marks the end of an era, albeit a short era.

Since returning to work after having my second daughter, any job security I had ever had was pulled out from underneath my feet when we relocated to Western Australia and I left my lovely secure and safe job with the South Australian government. I did manage to find employment within the federal government quite quickly however security did not come with that employment, not even close.

I started out as a temp on a 6 week contract with a recruitment agency. At the completion of that contract and I mean basically the last day, I was offered a further 2 month contract within the organisation, I applied for permanent positions within the company but didn't get them, however feedback received was that I was highly suitable and would be merit listed for any future vacancies, for which there have been none, as soon after budget cuts saw the end to any further recruitment. I was however offered a further 6 months but advised there would be no further extensions due to the aforementioned. So I plan for my looming unemployment, which I can tell you is, scary as shit with two young children and mountains of bills to pay. My office at the time had no budget to keep me but a couple weeks short of my contract completing offered me a further 3 months with a different office, however a lot further from home. As far as I was concerned a job is a job, I was going to travel as long as it meant a pay packet would continue to be paid to me.

It is extremely frustrating working as a non ongoing staff member, you never know what the future holds, whether you will have work in three months time. Your performance in the end has no bearing on whether your contract is extended, it purely comes down to whether there is money to keep you, which just bites. Even worse is the tendency to leave the decision of whether contracts are extended or not to the very last minute, so you never know if you are Arthur or Martha.

So when I saw permanent positions advertised within this organisation but within the call centre come up again, I did not ignore them this time but hit send on the application, they had advertised twice previously but I was keen to remain within the customer contact areas. I figured this time though that even if I came out with a non-ongoing contract again, it would at least be for 12 months, and not this silly three month cycle I seem to have been stuck on.

So off my resume went, couldn't believe it, all they wanted was my resume and this was a government job, no selection critieria, thank you Lord!!! Got a call from the recruitment agency and had a quick phone interview, passed that with flying colours and moved onto the next stage. The Workshop!!! Cognitive testing, role play, typing test, group exercise, maths test, interview, everything was thrown at me, I did have a slight advantage with the role play exercise due to actually working with the information they were wanting to know, so required nil research to perform the task so had a seven minute exercise done and dusted within 30 seconds, I rock!!!

Medical was next cab off the rank, well once I found the bloom'in place. Recruitment agency was given the wrong address, but after a quick phonecall to the agency and my trusty Navman, I was back on my way. Which I can tell you was a lovely morning, great scales, if they fitted I would have seriously packed those things up into my bag and a Doctor who believed me to be extremely flexible, not that I did anything out of the ordinary, I may have touched my toes, that might be it, what that has to do with answering phone calls is beyond me.

Last stepping stone was the formal interview, which when booked (even though I caused a bit of trouble with that one, hey if they are going to promise a Saturday interview to me I'm going to cause a bit of a ruckus when they have been all booked) was 5pm on Saturday afternoon, I was told it would take approximately 15-20 minutes and was reasonably informal. I rock up 15 minutes early which is quite a normal thing for me to do. The place is locked up, you should have seem me enter freak out mode, I checked all door entries, the only buzzer I could find was situated between the locked glass doors in front of me and the next set of glass doors. I was seriously stressing, so when I saw the woman who was to interview walk out of the office to get me at 5pm, I must have let go of the biggest sigh of relief in the world, heart attack material I tell you. My twenty minute interview went for about an hour, we just talked for ages as they tried to freak me out about call centre life to gauge my reaction. My managers were all quite posiitive about that and said it was likely a good sign.

So fast forward to last week and whilst visiting my mum in South Hedland, I have a missed call on my mobile. Check my message bank and it is the recruitment agency advising me that I have successfully obtained a permanent position, I don't think you could have wiped the smile off my face, no more contracts, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

This leads me to tomorrow, Friday, my last day ever as a non going staff member, the last day of my contract, no more of not knowing what I will be doing in 6 months time, I have a job, permanent full time, and about bloody time, too many more contracts and I'm sure to have gone crazy. So in office tradition I have picked up some yummy goodies for morning tea and look forward to saying goodbue to my non going days and moving forward into my new position on Monday, even with the extra travel, chugga chugga toot toot, which will very likely bring with it a whole new set of issues.

Come sail with me...

To me there is some magnetic appeal to cruising, I seem to be instantly drawn by the idea of seeing different parts of the world by luxury cruise liner. What could be better, I am wined and dined, pampered and can generally relax as the ship slowly ambles through the ocean to my next destination, step off the ship and explore at my own pace and then hop back on. There is no stress, well in my ideal cruise ship vacation there isn't, no worrying about transfers or even transport to different locations throughout the stay. The foods all there, I don't have to try and suss out what is a safe eating option for our family in a foreign country. Ok sometimes that can be the best part of the experience of travelling but whilst cruising it is one less thing to have to think about.

I think some part of me wants to say I've done that, cross it off the one day list and all that jazz. But I think most people would have to admit there is something majestic about the idea of crusing, even possibly old worldly, like a time from yesteryear. The whole idea of cruising to me is glamourous, beautiful and just pure luxury rolled into one large white ship.

There are so many places that I would love to especially experience by cruise. The Pacific Islands, so many beautiful islands clustered reasonably close together, the Mediteranean, the Carribean and I would absolutely love to cruise from Vietnam up to China and then across to Japan, the ultimate Asian Experience.

A must for us with our two young girls on our cruise wishlist would have to definitely be the Disney Cruise ship, I can only imagine how much fun that ship would be and the pure joy my girls would get from experiencing everything Mickey on board.

One day for sure I will find myself on a cruise ship, sipping a cocktail looking out across the vast ocean but for now I can only dream, and hopefully one day soon I can cross cruising off my one day list and experience it for real, no more dreaming, wouldn't that be lovely.

Have you been on a cruise? What were your experiences? Where did you go? Do tell, I would love to hear your tales and live vicariously through your stories until I am too able to have my own tale.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I am...

I found this on a wonderful blog called Tattoos and Cupcakes. Feel free to join in.
Outside my window... it's dark, it is after all 9pm at night.

I am thankful for... spending time with family, we have just returned home from a visit with my mum and siblings, and I miss them like crazy.

I am wearing... striped Gap maternity PJS, well past their used by date, but they are oh so comfy.

I am remembering... to go to bed at a reasonable hour, early mornings and late nights, make me a grumpy mummy and not a very nice person.

I am creating... a photo album of our bali memories, scored 9c prints from Snapfish, so very happy with that.

I am going... to have to go to bed very soon, will need to move the little miss across though, for such a little person, she is a major bed hog.

I am reading... the new book by Jodi Picoult, the name escapes me at the moment, the one about the mum that has a litle girl that breaks her bone at the drop of the hat, and the mum's best friend was the doctor and she is going to sue her, well I assume that's what she is going to do, I haven't quite got that far in yet.

I am hoping... that evrything works out for us, that my new job is everything I hope it is and that our money struggles are behind us.

On my mind... is a sea of thoughts and emotions. Am I going to like my new job, am I going to cope with the extra travel, are the kids going to cope with the extra day care time, will I be able to transfer closer to home once my probation is finished. Will I get the time off for Hong Kong, will we manage to get all the money together...

From the kitchen... dark silence, I'm the only body still up, I can still smell the faint scent of my late night snack, hmm wedges, they were good.

Around the house... clutter, I've just finished unpacking our suitcases and the piles of stuff from within are covering the dining table the kitchen bench, you name it, I've managed to clutter it.

One of my favorite things... playing with my daughter's hair, she has gorgeous long wavy brown hair, it is oh so soft and I love creating pretty hair styles for her, good thing she does too.

Noticing that... I am slowly shrinking, finally losing some of my baby weight, 2 years later almost mind you but I'm getting there.

Pondering these words... "all you need is love..."

A picture that I would like to share...
Yum yum, corn on the cob, my favourite in the whole wide world, and photo taken by my very talented 4 year old daughter.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our trip to South Hedland and my lil sister's 18th, one big week!!!

Now South Hedland really isn't a town with a lot going for it, it is a blip on the radar in the mining region of the Pilbara Western Australia and most peoples road journey to Broome, there is a big salt hill and mile long ore trains, red dirt every where and dust. That's pretty much it, good thing we don't visit for the scenery but to spend some time with family. This year we had an even better reason to visit, my little sister turned 18, we couldn't miss that occasion for the world. I even bought a new dress for the occasion, which for me is quite a big deal.
It was just the girls and I making the trip up north, someone had to stay home and look after the house and cats afterall. Our trip started at the very early hour of 4.30am in the morning when we made our way to the airport. We arrived in South Hedland just after 8 in the morning, collected our bags and made our way to Nanna's house, where we quickly unpacked and repacked for the weekend. Loaded up the car, and the girls and I, Nanna and Kimberley made the two hour trek to Karratha for a spot of shopping and Kimberley's swimming competition.
One exhausted little girl after a long day of travelling and shopping, she couldn't keep her eyes open any longer.
Kimberley ready to kick some butt in her 100m backstroke event. It was quite experience watching a swimming event I remembered vividly as a child competing in and how different it was watching is as an adult, everything seemed quite surreal and oddly slow, I remembered everything so much faster.
It would appear the day was probably a tad too much for my big girl, who normally would give the Energiser bunny a run for it's money, fell fast asleep at the poolside. Possibly a tad too much heat, as she was out of sorts all afternoon.
My litttle zinc ninjas, ready for another day of cheering their Aunty on, swimming, shopping and driving, back to Hedland we were eventually headed. They looked very cute with their zinc stripes, I think they were pretty chuffed with them too.
Back in South Hedland and my little darling was lapping up all the attention and photo opportunities, just say "CHEEEEEESE" point the camera and if you're quick enough to catch it, you are met with this adorable but oh so cheeky smile.
Her big sister however rarely strolled far from Nanna's swimming pool, she practically lived in the pool. Her confidence in her swimming ability just increased ten fold. She was pretty much swimming the entire length of the pool by the time we were ready to go, is it too early to investigate simming clubs for her now, I think so, but I'm excited about the prospect that it's not too far away.
The big event and the birthday girl. Kimberley chose a Hollywood Glam theme for her birthday, hence the need for me to buy a new dress, I seriously had nothing glam hanging in my wardrobe, I can tellyou the dress hunt was an adventure and not something I'm running out to repeat in a hurry.

The girls and I at the celebrations, however only two of us managed to still have a glamour outfits on, I am happy to say that I for one was still fully clothed, otherwise these would be some pretty scary photos and definitely not for public viewing. The girls looked absolutely adorable in their dresses. Mackenzie had a very cute little purple number and it was too cute for words, you are just going to have to take my word for it, good thing she looksmighty cute in just a nappy too.
Our last weekend with Nanna also coincided with a visit from the bg white fluffly guy. And of course you can't have Easter without chocolate for breakfast. Well definitely not Mackenzie, she was ripping her way through the wrappings before you could wish her "Happy Easter", think I might have a chocoaholic on my hands. I may just have to start hiding my chocolate, two chocaholics in a house, hmmm it could mean war :)
It was a great break, short, hot (temperatures high 30s and low 40s the entire time), lots of swimming and general relaxing and spending time with family, can't ask for much more than that. Well maybe I could, Mum, reckon you could move to Broome, improve the destination a bit. Nah South Hedland isn't that bad, well if you only have to pass through that is.