Sunday, April 25, 2010

Be prepared: that's my motto

So today is the 25th of April, 8 months exactly until Christmas and I am well and truly into Christmas shopping mode.
I like to start early, grab the bargains when I see them and pop the presents into the present box for up coming birthdays, special events and of course Christmas. My girls do tend to get a little spoilt this way as I don't feel the financial effect of leaving Christmas shopping right to the last minute and having to purchase everything at the last minute. I find I do alot online, so leaving things to the last minute isn't really viable.

So to scare all those that are still in denial about Christmas, this is what I have managed to cross off so far:

The Girls:
Junior Guitar
Tag Reading system (scored a mega bargain on this one - 60% off) Vtech Soar and Explore Globe (this one is still in my shopping cart but will be bought as soon as I get my CCB rebate).
Gymboree orange with white polka dot dress
Toughest mighty dump truck

Shayne & John
They will be getting a book each from Hagsson (might throw in a packet of pop tarts for John as well, he is a big addict like me).
I have no idea, only just got over his birthday, that was hard enough. I'm sure it will have something to do with Arsenal and soccer.
Roxy Perfume
Mini snap digi cam
Last four will very likely be clothes or light books as they need to be posted and all are kids under the age of 2.
wooden block train
The Parents:
nothing sorted as yet but the wheels are turning, will very likely do the annual calendar from the kids to the grandparents.

OMG no idea, LOL, good thing I am giving myself plenty of time to work things out. Thinking maybe some tickets back to Adelaide to see his family or maybe a ticket to a concert or soemthing early in the new year.

I've got my eye on a couple more pandora charms, will put them on layby in the next couple of months or so.

It's probably pretty anal however I feel by being super organised and starting early I do enjoy the hunt for the perfect gift all that much more, especially as I'm not having to beat the crowds at Christmas sales.

Anyone else out there who can lay claim to being just as organised as me? Are you just as bad with wrapping? I had our presents wrapped months in advance last year. :)

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