Thursday, April 8, 2010

Come sail with me...

To me there is some magnetic appeal to cruising, I seem to be instantly drawn by the idea of seeing different parts of the world by luxury cruise liner. What could be better, I am wined and dined, pampered and can generally relax as the ship slowly ambles through the ocean to my next destination, step off the ship and explore at my own pace and then hop back on. There is no stress, well in my ideal cruise ship vacation there isn't, no worrying about transfers or even transport to different locations throughout the stay. The foods all there, I don't have to try and suss out what is a safe eating option for our family in a foreign country. Ok sometimes that can be the best part of the experience of travelling but whilst cruising it is one less thing to have to think about.

I think some part of me wants to say I've done that, cross it off the one day list and all that jazz. But I think most people would have to admit there is something majestic about the idea of crusing, even possibly old worldly, like a time from yesteryear. The whole idea of cruising to me is glamourous, beautiful and just pure luxury rolled into one large white ship.

There are so many places that I would love to especially experience by cruise. The Pacific Islands, so many beautiful islands clustered reasonably close together, the Mediteranean, the Carribean and I would absolutely love to cruise from Vietnam up to China and then across to Japan, the ultimate Asian Experience.

A must for us with our two young girls on our cruise wishlist would have to definitely be the Disney Cruise ship, I can only imagine how much fun that ship would be and the pure joy my girls would get from experiencing everything Mickey on board.

One day for sure I will find myself on a cruise ship, sipping a cocktail looking out across the vast ocean but for now I can only dream, and hopefully one day soon I can cross cruising off my one day list and experience it for real, no more dreaming, wouldn't that be lovely.

Have you been on a cruise? What were your experiences? Where did you go? Do tell, I would love to hear your tales and live vicariously through your stories until I am too able to have my own tale.

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