Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I am...

I found this on a wonderful blog called Tattoos and Cupcakes. Feel free to join in.
Outside my window... it's dark, it is after all 9pm at night.

I am thankful for... spending time with family, we have just returned home from a visit with my mum and siblings, and I miss them like crazy.

I am wearing... striped Gap maternity PJS, well past their used by date, but they are oh so comfy.

I am remembering... to go to bed at a reasonable hour, early mornings and late nights, make me a grumpy mummy and not a very nice person.

I am creating... a photo album of our bali memories, scored 9c prints from Snapfish, so very happy with that.

I am going... to have to go to bed very soon, will need to move the little miss across though, for such a little person, she is a major bed hog.

I am reading... the new book by Jodi Picoult, the name escapes me at the moment, the one about the mum that has a litle girl that breaks her bone at the drop of the hat, and the mum's best friend was the doctor and she is going to sue her, well I assume that's what she is going to do, I haven't quite got that far in yet.

I am hoping... that evrything works out for us, that my new job is everything I hope it is and that our money struggles are behind us.

On my mind... is a sea of thoughts and emotions. Am I going to like my new job, am I going to cope with the extra travel, are the kids going to cope with the extra day care time, will I be able to transfer closer to home once my probation is finished. Will I get the time off for Hong Kong, will we manage to get all the money together...

From the kitchen... dark silence, I'm the only body still up, I can still smell the faint scent of my late night snack, hmm wedges, they were good.

Around the house... clutter, I've just finished unpacking our suitcases and the piles of stuff from within are covering the dining table the kitchen bench, you name it, I've managed to clutter it.

One of my favorite things... playing with my daughter's hair, she has gorgeous long wavy brown hair, it is oh so soft and I love creating pretty hair styles for her, good thing she does too.

Noticing that... I am slowly shrinking, finally losing some of my baby weight, 2 years later almost mind you but I'm getting there.

Pondering these words... "all you need is love..."

A picture that I would like to share...
Yum yum, corn on the cob, my favourite in the whole wide world, and photo taken by my very talented 4 year old daughter.

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