Saturday, April 24, 2010

McDonalds - A comedy of errors

I am sad to admit that our little family doesn't mind the odd visit to McDonalds for lunch but I struggle to undersand how it can be so difficult to get an order for two adults and two children out without any errors.

Our visit today, would hands down have to rate as one of the worse ever, we had four meals and not one of them was served how it had been ordered.

Our order was:

Mighty Angus Meal (No Onions) - the meal came out, with the special order docket on it but the red onions were still there smily back at us. We didn't send that one back, just dealt with it by removing the onion ourselves, too bad if we were allergic to this item and hence asking for it without it!!!

Crispy Chicken Ceasar Wrap Meal - came out with seared chicken and my drink was not quite as full as I would have liked it to be.

Happy Meal #1 cheeseburger (no pickles) - burger came out with the special order docket on it, opened and it had bacon in it, what the??? check the docket and it clearly states drive thru order, so we got someone else's burger, this one I take back and get fixed. No toy.

Happy Meal #2 chicken nuggets - really not too many places you can go wrong here, however again no toy, went and got that rectified to.

It was only after we had got the girls all fixed up with their meals and had them replaced, that we actually sat down to ours and later noticed more stuff ups, it was pretty much the reason why I didn't bother going back to whinge a second and third time. Just sucked it up and ate the bloody thing, but truly how hard is it, we were in before the lunch rush, so they weren't busy, and there was only four meals, so not a massive order on the scale of things.

I know it is only McDonalds but I do expect some quality of service, and frankly today was just not good enough, let me just say I will be sending them some unsavoury feedback, grrrrr.

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