Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our trip to South Hedland and my lil sister's 18th, one big week!!!

Now South Hedland really isn't a town with a lot going for it, it is a blip on the radar in the mining region of the Pilbara Western Australia and most peoples road journey to Broome, there is a big salt hill and mile long ore trains, red dirt every where and dust. That's pretty much it, good thing we don't visit for the scenery but to spend some time with family. This year we had an even better reason to visit, my little sister turned 18, we couldn't miss that occasion for the world. I even bought a new dress for the occasion, which for me is quite a big deal.
It was just the girls and I making the trip up north, someone had to stay home and look after the house and cats afterall. Our trip started at the very early hour of 4.30am in the morning when we made our way to the airport. We arrived in South Hedland just after 8 in the morning, collected our bags and made our way to Nanna's house, where we quickly unpacked and repacked for the weekend. Loaded up the car, and the girls and I, Nanna and Kimberley made the two hour trek to Karratha for a spot of shopping and Kimberley's swimming competition.
One exhausted little girl after a long day of travelling and shopping, she couldn't keep her eyes open any longer.
Kimberley ready to kick some butt in her 100m backstroke event. It was quite experience watching a swimming event I remembered vividly as a child competing in and how different it was watching is as an adult, everything seemed quite surreal and oddly slow, I remembered everything so much faster.
It would appear the day was probably a tad too much for my big girl, who normally would give the Energiser bunny a run for it's money, fell fast asleep at the poolside. Possibly a tad too much heat, as she was out of sorts all afternoon.
My litttle zinc ninjas, ready for another day of cheering their Aunty on, swimming, shopping and driving, back to Hedland we were eventually headed. They looked very cute with their zinc stripes, I think they were pretty chuffed with them too.
Back in South Hedland and my little darling was lapping up all the attention and photo opportunities, just say "CHEEEEEESE" point the camera and if you're quick enough to catch it, you are met with this adorable but oh so cheeky smile.
Her big sister however rarely strolled far from Nanna's swimming pool, she practically lived in the pool. Her confidence in her swimming ability just increased ten fold. She was pretty much swimming the entire length of the pool by the time we were ready to go, is it too early to investigate simming clubs for her now, I think so, but I'm excited about the prospect that it's not too far away.
The big event and the birthday girl. Kimberley chose a Hollywood Glam theme for her birthday, hence the need for me to buy a new dress, I seriously had nothing glam hanging in my wardrobe, I can tellyou the dress hunt was an adventure and not something I'm running out to repeat in a hurry.

The girls and I at the celebrations, however only two of us managed to still have a glamour outfits on, I am happy to say that I for one was still fully clothed, otherwise these would be some pretty scary photos and definitely not for public viewing. The girls looked absolutely adorable in their dresses. Mackenzie had a very cute little purple number and it was too cute for words, you are just going to have to take my word for it, good thing she looksmighty cute in just a nappy too.
Our last weekend with Nanna also coincided with a visit from the bg white fluffly guy. And of course you can't have Easter without chocolate for breakfast. Well definitely not Mackenzie, she was ripping her way through the wrappings before you could wish her "Happy Easter", think I might have a chocoaholic on my hands. I may just have to start hiding my chocolate, two chocaholics in a house, hmmm it could mean war :)
It was a great break, short, hot (temperatures high 30s and low 40s the entire time), lots of swimming and general relaxing and spending time with family, can't ask for much more than that. Well maybe I could, Mum, reckon you could move to Broome, improve the destination a bit. Nah South Hedland isn't that bad, well if you only have to pass through that is.

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