Saturday, April 10, 2010

Staycation: Armadale Reptile Centre

A couple of weeks ago we promised the girls a visit to see the lizards and snakes at Armadale Reptile Centre, I can't say I was overly impressed with what was on offer at the centre and if it wasn't for the fact we had a voucher, so only had to pay for one adult entry, I would definitely say it is not money well spent, at $15 each an adult, family pass for 2 adults and 2 children is $38 it is quite an expensive hour. However that said Taleisha and Mackenzie did enjoy the visit, even if it seriously took less than 40 minutes to cover the whole entire grounds and that included spending ample time at each exhibit/cage.

"Hello Mr Lizard"
There were quite a few lizards, many of the same spieces though, not that this phased Taleisha, she was just as happy and interested at each new tank and on the hunt to find the snake or lizard hiding within, she got exceptionally good at spotting them too.
"Look at that interesting specimen in there, it looks just like me"
There was a small walkin bird aviary inside, this cheeky bird thought hubby's hat was a perfect perch for him. Mackenzie was very taken by this development. There was a tawny frog mouth sitting on the railing as well that was enjoying lots of attention and back rubs. Can't recall much else in there though.
Outside was the crocodile tank, we managed to spot one, it was pretty hard to see much else in the green water and add to that the sun glare on the tank. There was another tank with a dozen or so turtles. Taleisha was very taken with this tank, she is in love with turtles at the moment, well ever since we suggested that when we reset the fish tank up that we were toying with the idea of getting a turtle. There was also some larger enclosures for the monitor lizards, we did mange to glimpse a couple but given it was so bloomin hot, they must of all been hibernating somewhere as there were alot of what appeared to be empty enclosures.
In addition to the snakes and lizards there was a large enclosure that encassed some emus and kangaroos, another with some dingoes and an eagle. That is pretty much the extent of the centre, so a little disappointing for me but the girls enjoyed it and I guess in the end that is all that matters.
Oh how could I possibly go without mentioning the ponies, my little miss was only too eagar to give this one a scratch on the back, and I don't think the pony was complaining. However the crazy duck wandering around on the other hand was a different story, watch your toes with that one.

So in short, it is a good quick place to take the kids, probably a little over priced given it's limited size, the kids will enjoy it and will be able to walk around the whole centre without getting tired, so you can leave the strollers behind. If you're looking to make a day trip out of it though, than this definitely isn't the place to go, max time spent here would be just over an hour and that includes dawdaling and rest time, so much better suited for a morning or afternoon visit.

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