Monday, April 26, 2010

What a beautiful weekend!!

This weekend has been absolutely amazing and it has not even finished yet. Afterall today is a public holiday, a three day weekend, can't complain too much there. Even if I manage to do nothing but housework today this weekend would have to rate as one of our best weekends ever.
Now I'm sure you're wondering what we did to make this weekend so amazing, truly it wasn't much, we didn't venture too far afield, on Saturday we still had to do our weekly errands that us poor Monday to Fridayers need to do on the weekend, like visit the post office and take the girls to their swimming lessons. Generally all stations as normal.

However I had been thinking about doing this for a little while, after Mackenzie woke from her afternoon nap I raided the freezer for old bread and then we scooped everyone up, headed for the local pond and fed the ducks. The pond is only 5 minutes around the corner from where we live and sadly this is the first time we have ever done this. The girls loved it, the ducks loved it (greedy little buggers). To say they had a smile on their face that stretched from one here to the other would be an understatement.
After all the bread was gone we picked up some takeaway Chinese (boneless lemon chicken, yummo!!!), headed home and had a picnic on the loungeroom floor whilst watching Avatar. It was so much fun and just watching Taleisha try all this food was a miracle. We have had a lot of problems with food with her, that everytime I see her try something without prompting, I feel so proud. (even if she is spitting it out once it has been in her mouth) She loved the fried rice, she ended up eating straight from the container, was too much work spooning it onto her plate.

Sunday morning I spent cataloguing the DVDs and games onto the excel spreadsheet, turns out hubby loves Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction, we have multiple copies of these. He will listen to me next time when he goes to buy a DVD and a tell him I'm pretty sure we already have that one at home. Nappy washing and dishes were also on our job list in the morning. Hubby also went out and cleaned up the inside of the car not that it stayed clean for long.

After a bit of discussion, hubby wanted to drive a couple of hours down to Margaret River for a look around, I vetoed that one for today and suggested we head down to Hilary's Boat Harbour. Taleisha wanted to go for swim, she loves the beach but is scared of the ocean. Hilary's is perfect as the harbour encloses what appears to be a man made beach and there are no waves barely a ripple. I'm pretty sure it is the waves and noise of the beach that scares her, which is why we love Hilary's so much, all the positives of a beach without the fear factor.

We went and got lunch first, picked up some bread, sauce and drinks at an IGA on the way and then some hot chips on arrival. Lunch consisted of chip buddies, perfect!!! The girls got changed into their bathers and we headed down to the beach. Taleisha was into the water without a seconds thought, Mackenzie on the other hand, walked all the way down to the waters edge, got her feet wet and freaked out. Walked back to the towels and then freaked out she had sand on her feet. She insisted she have her shoes put back on. Taleisha and her dad enjoyed a spot of sand castle making whilst Mackenzie and I entertained ourselves on the towels. Once the ritual sand castle smashing was complete, we packed up and went for a walk around the harbour. The girls got icecream, I got pop tarts, couldn't ask for much more, really was a glorious day.
Girls crashed in the car on the way home and managed to sleep the remainder of the afternoon away. Made for a late night for them, Taleisha didn't manage to settle down to sleep until a 11pm but wouldn't have had it any other way the weekend was fantastic!!Now what to do today? Maybe a stroll to the park, better not forget that housework either, fun fun :)
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  1. The duck pond looks like a winner and Im sure you will go back again, so much fun. The kids look thoroughly exhausted! Margo

  2. what a great day out. Oliver loves feeding the ducks.

  3. That does look like a fabulous (and tiring!) day out - fabulous pics - love the one of A and the girls at the duckpond with their backs to the camera. Love it!

  4. That's a beautiful weekend. You can tell the girls had a blast! x

  5. What a fantastic weekend Kat! I just love it! So much fun! We used to feed the ducks when my son was little all the time. It was one of our most favorite pastimes. I miss those days. LOVE your impromptu beach trip! Isn't that the best!

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