Friday, April 16, 2010

Who are you?

and what have you done with my daughter? JK.

In the last two days my eldest has shown some amazing changes and transformations, it's incredible.

Ever since she was 18 months old we've been having food issues, she pretty much refused to eat anything except the plain of the plain. I tried all the tricks in the book to get things into her but in the end simply gave up, she has been eating plain spaghetti instead of spaghetti bolognaise when we've had dinner for about two years now. Last night she decided to try the sauce, major triumph, I am then told she asked for her own sauce and ate all of that. When I got home from work she was helping herself into my bowl, pasta meat sauce and all, this was unheard of, didn't know what to say.

Tonight I commented on what appeared to be a huge red smear along the side of her green jumper, she quickly told me it was pizza. Should have seen me do a double take. Asked what she had on the pizza and she came out with these comments "tomato" "I ate all my vegetables, they're in my tummy now" "I love tomato now" I was sitting there dumbfounded by happy, I do so hope we are finally turning a corner on this food thing, it has been a long uphill battle.

Then there was the discussion we had in the car on the way home from the train station, it was all about bugs, beetles, butterflies and worms and how they live in the ground and long grass and how they grow. Then there was the trees, they grow in the ground too. She is just coming out with so much information, she is truly a sponge and it just amazes me what she is learning about the world. Oh that's another thing, she refers to here and now as her world, she asks about her Aunty Kim's world as she lives in the country a plane ride away. It really is cute.

The most unsuspected thing was tonight, I asked her to put her dress ups away before she went to bed, as she had been playing with them and I think digging quite deep into the box. Went in to see how she was going and she was cleaning up the whole room, now this probably fits under her father's definition of clean more than mine, but I let her go, as she picked everything up off the floor and onto the couch, play kitchen or shelves. She has never cleaned up after herself without been asked first, if let go you normally can not make out the carpet on the floor in the playroom for all the toys. So it was definitely a pleasant surprise.

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