Saturday, May 1, 2010

A cooking show marathon

There is only a couple of shows that I will happily sit down and watch with hubby (our tastes are quite different, hence my tendency to be online whilst he is watching some documentary on heaven knows what and vice versa) and I call it our cooking show marathon. We are big fans of the cooking shows, we've gone through fads with Huey's Cooking Adventures, Hell's Kitchen, Jamie Oliver's various tv series and Ready Steady Cook, amongst others. I confess we are serious cooking show addicts.

Our current tv viewing cooking hot picks are:
I really enjoy Masterchef, it is the closet reality tv show junkie in me. I enjoy watching it from the start to the end, so I was a little disappointed this year when we didn't get to see the "auditions" but top 50 week and the top 24 so far haven't disappointed me yet. I already have my favourites, which I was ecstatic to see get through to the top 24 and do so well so far. Funnily enough given our vast difference in tastes, hubby and I have the same favourites. We're backing Marion and Alvin. we also tend to dislike the same people too, the ones you have your fingers crossed, are eliminated each week.
I love the fact that I can get my master chef fix is every day of the week, bar Saturday, which is a bummer in itself, as then I am subjected to the football, argh. We also get a bit of motivation to try some new things, I very keen to give George's Lasagna recipe a go, that looked sooooooooooooooooooooo good.
Iron Chef America

Iron chef rocks, that's all there is to it. It's based on the Japanese version and it is so addictive, which is a good thing. They do some absolutely amazing things, and use some truly bizarre techniques and items but everything always seems to look so good. Even the pigs ears from an episode the other day looked ok once served in the dish, can't say it didn't stop me gagging when they were getting prepared. It's on Foxtel nearly every night of the week, helps feed our addiction.

When we went to the travel expo a couple of months ago I saw a poster advertising an Iron Chef event in Sydney, I was so excited, thought it would be the perfect present for hubby, if only things weren't so expensive, especially when you live on the other side of the country. Sydneysider's you definitely have to check it out. Here is the link.

Hubby and I definitely have a sweet tooth, and Ace of cakes seriously gives us our fix. The cakes the guys from Charm City cakes come up with a simply unreal, amazing, out of this world. Even though I watch the show, sometimes I have no idea how they managed to pull the cake together. Check out Yoda, you have to see it to believe it.
I would love to have Duff make me a cake, wonder if he would deliver to Australia. More importantly wonder if customs would let the masterpiece through, or if it would still be even be remotely edible by the time it arrived, actually scrap that, I don't think I could even consider taking a knife to one of those cakes, it's a work of art, ok that's probably taking it a little too far but I assure you it would be difficult to chop that poor little Yoda up.

Best bit about our current favourites is that we can watch Master chef and Iron chef back to back each night and on Wednesday we can throw in Ace of cakes, so a serious foodie marathon.
Do you have any favourite cooking shows we could add to our repertoire? Not that we really need much more time spent sitting in front of the box.

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