Sunday, May 16, 2010


Last night we channelled our inner Italian and made pizza from scratch, dough and all. It was great fun, and the kids were able to get involved as well. I can honestly say after making our own pizza bases, I will never ever be buying them ready made from the store again. They were simple to do and they tasted so good, they came out tasting so fresh and creamy. Considering what went into them and how little time they took to make, I couldn't even justify the cost of buying them from the store anymore either. Here is a photo of hubby and my big girl having fun together kneading the dough for their pizzas.

I chopped up some vegetables (mushroom and capsicum) and grated cheese and zucchini together, additionally we bought some pepperoni and bacon bits (hubby and the big girl are meat-a-holics) and then it was help yourself to whatever ingredients you wanted. This little creation below is mine, which was with-the-lot (minus the bacon bits), it tasted divine!!!
Taleisha was pretty happy with her little mini pizza too, she went with the meat option and cheese and zucchini mix.
I think we will definitely be adding this little number to one of our frequent eats, it was quick and easy to make and tasty to boot.

We used the Big Pizza recipe from here to make our pizzas. We've also got a couple of other recipes from this site on the meal plan for this fortnight, so hoping they're all as successful as this one.

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  1. What fun and you get to eat them! Must do this!